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Last Year Blazer I Have On Repeat And Why

Last Year Blazer I Have On Repeat And Why

Last Year Blazer I Have On Repeat And Why | Fall Essentials | Classic Blazer | Timeless Classics | Blazers| Travel Beauty Blog

My last year blazer is still trending for fall this year. Sometimes being a style blogger puts added pressure on my wardrobe choices. By this I mean that I feel intimidated to repeat clothing because of what others might say. You are probably guilty of this as well so here is how I deal with it.

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Staying True To Myself

Some people feel like they have to live up to a certain lifestyle to be a blogger. That might be true but it also depends on each individual. For me, I wear what makes me comfortable rather than trying to fit in or keep up with the next blogger.

I am guilty of comparing myself sometimes to others but then I have to remind myself that everyone is at different levels in their life journey. So why am I still wearing last year’s blazer?

Last Year Blazer: A Timeless Classic

Investing in classic pieces is one of the best investments you can make for yourself and I always advice doing it. A year already went buy since houndstooth and check blazers were trending.

To be precise, it was around fall when I purchased this blazer. As a matter of fact, these are trends that can be worn all year round.


Shop Classic Blazers:

My Personal Choice – last year blazer

Posting a picture of clothing that has been worn previously is quite okay. This allows you to get creative by showing the different ways in which an item can be used.

Get The Most Out Of It

After all, I paid my money for my jacket and I prefer to wear it multiple times than leave it hanging in my wardrobe.

People Forget

Unless you are a public figure, most people would forget that you wore it previously. Especially after an entire year and possibly they may not remember seeing it.

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Shop Smarter

Instead of buying new pieces every year, utilize that money for another item. This is a smart way of building a capsule wardrobe with key pieces. Always buy pieces that you can wear multiple times on varying occasions,

Confidence Is Everything

Being true to yourself should be more important than what people think. As the saying goes, other people’s opinion of you is not your business. Seasons change but fashion repeats itself in different forms. So do not let the false perception of wearing the same clothing prevent you from doing so.

Final Thoughts

Just know that it is okay to be true to yourself and people would love you for it. Not everyone can afford designer labels and not everyone can get top dollar sponsored posts (including myself).  That doesn’t mean it is unattainable, but rather you may have a different way of achieving it.

Are you guilty of comparing yourself and what you wear to others? If so, how do you overcome the issue and get back on tract? Share your thoughts below because we can all learn from each other.

Here are some of my favourite blazer trends for this season:

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