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My Honest Review of MelodySusie Hair Dryer

My Honest Review of MelodySusie Hair Dryer

My Honest Review of MelodySusie Hair Dryer | Travel Beauty Blog

MelodySusie Hair Dryer Review

Today I am really excited to share my experience with using MelodySusie hair dryer, which I’ve started using a couple weeks ago.

As my hair is natural and extremely thick, a high performance hair dryer with fast drying time is important for me.

It can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes for my hair to completely dry regularly, depending on the style.

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If you’re in search of a new hair dryer and would like to consider your options before investing, then continue reading.

Or even if you need another one just for keeps, you’ll definitely be interested in reading this post!

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In this post, I dive further into the features of the Melody Susie hair dryer, the pros and cons, my honest review and overall thoughts about it.

Who is MelodySusie?

MelodySusie was founded in 2009 by Melody and Susie, two passionate nail art professionals from San Francisco.

Their vision was to help women find balance in their lives.

Starting with salon-quality yet affordable beauty products for home use, MelodySusie has grown into a trusted supplier offering Nail Drills, Nail Lamps, Fashion Wigs, Skin Care, and more.

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Their widely popular Nail Drills and Lamps are highly praised for quality, efficiency, and affordability, earning them a top spot on Amazon and endorsements from fashion bloggers, influencers and nail technicians.

MelodySusie continues to innovate, striving to create professional and reliable home-beauty products that combine fun, fashion, and function, all while empowering women to pursue beauty and balance in their lives.

If you already use their products then you’ll surely want to add the pro hair dryer to your wish-list!

My Honest Review of MelodySusie Hair Dryer | Travel Beauty Blog

About the MelodySusie Hair Dryer

From the moment I unboxed my MelodySusie hair dryer, I was in awe with the high quality product I had received.

It is very well-made, relatively light-weight and is promising to be durable.

The hair dryer is available in black, pink and purple and it comes with 1 nozzle attachment.

However, I am going to get the Volumizing Hair Diffuser especially as I have very thick natural hair.

This volumizing diffuser is perfect for enhancing natural curls and creating bouncy waves.

The diffuser will be better able to reach the roots of my hair for a faster dry, while maintaining my curls in place, without leaving any fuzz.

My Honest Review of MelodySusie Hair Dryer | Travel Beauty Blog

MelodySusie Hair Dryer Specs

There are two settings in which the hair dryer can be used: cool or hot, which is controlled by a small heat switch at the front.

At the back, there is also a wind speed adjustment roller button to control the flow of air, and of course, the power switch.

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It is really easy and straight forward to set up and use so you can literally start using it out of the box.

Here are before and after pictures of me using the hair dryer with a mixture of hot and cold temperatures:

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My Honest Review of MelodySusie Hair Dryer | Travel Beauty Blog
My Honest Review of MelodySusie Hair Dryer | Travel Beauty Blog

As you can see the heat lengthened the hair nicely but unfortunately I lost the curl definition as I didn’t have the diffuser attachment at the time.

This happened although I followed the instructions of using it on low speed for styling.

Pros of using MelodySusie hair dryer

  • Quick drying time thanks to ability to increase and decrease the wind speed
  • It looks and feels luxurious
  • Very quiet in comparison to other brands I’ve used
  • Light-weight when compared to other hair dryers I own
  • Does not get hot after using for a while
  • Affordable compared to similar brands
  • Slim barrel/handle which makes it easy for me to use without causing pains in the arm after extended use
  • When using the hair dryer on hot, it does not burn my scalp/feel as hot, unlike other brands
  • It is perfect for all hair types – it works really well for my natural hair

Cons of using MelodySusie hair dryer

  • Due to the voltage limitations, it may have some compatibility issues in some countries (be sure to check before purchasing)
  • You have to purchase the diffuser attachment separately

My overall thoughts on MelodySusie hair dryer

Overall the MelodySusie hair dryer is very solid product that I highly recommend getting if you’re on hunt for a new one.

In terms of drying time, it depends on whether I’m styling or just drying my hair in general, as well as, whether I’m using the heat or cool air.

I found that the hot air was better for holding styles in place, as opposed to the cool air.

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Of course its much faster if I am only drying and not styling.

But, I feel like it does dry my hair a bit faster in comparison to the other hair dryers I own.

I had a great experience using my new hair tool thanks to MelodySusie and its safe to say that this product has now become my go-to hair dryer.

Be sure to get yours today!

My Honest Review of MelodySusie Hair Dryer | Travel Beauty Blog

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