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The Best Affordable Valentines Day Gifts For Couples

The Best Affordable Valentines Day Gifts For Couples

Last Updated on June 2, 2023 by Shevy

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The Best Affordable Valentines Day Gifts

Sometimes it can be really hard to find the best affordable valentines day gifts for your loved ones. However, we also can’t ignore the fact that Valentines Day comes too soon (right after the holidays). A time where most people are now starting to recover from holiday spending.

That is why some couples prefer to keep it low-key and just go out for dinner. Valentines doesn’t always have to involve splurging on expensive gifts. But is also the perfect opportunity to get your significant other a gift from their wish-list that they did not receive for Christmas. That is why I am going to suggest some of the best affordable valentines day gifts for him and her.

Valentines Day Gifts For Her

Wine Or Champagne

Get her a bottle of wine or champagne depending on which one she prefers. Even if she doesn’t drink it on the day, she will add it to her wine bar collection.


This is like a man’s gift to himself and the most obvious choice (lol). My pick would be anything from Victoria’s Secret but there are tons of options out there. She will most likely love any lingerie set you get her so don’t overthink it.

eGift Card

Gift her a Nordstrom eGift card so she can get anything her heart desires.


Another obvious easy gift to give her would be a perfume set.

Wallet / Card Case

Sometimes great things come in small packages and small leather goods always make great gifts.

Make-up & Travel Case

What woman doesn’t use makeup? Well if she does not then she is one of a kind but generally, we use them at least once in our lives. Some men prefer their women natural so this may not be a good pick for everyone. Only get her an item that you know she would enjoy and appreciate. If you are clueless about makeup then avoid this option.

Scented Candles

Listen, every woman loves a good scented candle and truth be told, they are expensive. We often like them but do not always wish to splurge on them ourselves. Look around the house to see whether she already has a lot of candles. That is the perfect indication as to what brand she likes.

Smart Watch

Traditional watches are still a thing but maybe it is time to upgrade to a smartwatch. If she is a fitness fanatic you can get her one of those Fitbit Smart Watches.


When it comes to jewellery the choices are endless, and statement and vintage jewellery are my top picks.

Skin Care Products

Healthy skin is a must so you can’t go wrong with skin care beauty products.

Roses & Chocolates

Last but not least, the most traditional Valentines Day gift to get her if all else fails, are roses and chocolates.


Valentines Day Gifts For Him

Personalised Pen Set

For some men, the pens in which they use are a big deal, depending on their profession.

Wallet / Card Case

He can use his new wallet on a daily basis or strictly for those special occasions.

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Another popular but good choice is to get him a designer perfume.


It doesn’t have to be Rolex ladies, a practical watch for everyday use or special occasions is all he needs.

Grooming Kit

Grooming is a part of everyday life so getting him a grooming kit is not a bad idea.



are very practical if he is always on the go because he can use them in the gym and while travelling etc.


Ladies if you got yourself an office man why not spoil him with a stylish agenda.

Shop Gifts For Him:

That’s it for my list of the best affordable valentines day gifts and remember there are other ways in which you can celebrate. Have a Happy Valentines Day!

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