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12 Best Birkenstock Dupes Sandals for Summer

12 Best Birkenstock Dupes Sandals for Summer

Best Birkenstock Dupes Sandals for Summer | Travel Beauty Blog

A Guide to the Best Birkenstock Dupes

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Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get out your flip flops, slides and sandals, including your Birkenstocks.

Over the years, the Birkenstock sandal has become synonymous with summer and so, it has gained its place as a summer wardrobe staple and favorite.

If you want the look for less, get ready to shop the best Birkenstocks dupes sandals on the market today.

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On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending upwards of $100 on a pair of Birkenstocks then that’s totally fine.

These Birkenstock dupes and look alikes are just as trendy, stylish and desirable.

Check out our guide to the trendiest summer sandals to keep on heavy rotation this year.

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To find out which dupe Birkenstocks made our list, continue reading below.

Towards the end of this post you’ll also find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Birkenstocks and alternative brands.

At A Glance What Are The Different Types Of Birkenstocks?

There are different types of Birkenstock sandals, namely:
Yara – it has a wrap around ankle strap that is adjustable, as well as a secure toe loop and another buckle on the instep.

Zurich – closed at the sides but open at the toes and heels

Arizona – a two-strap unisex sandal that can be individually
adjusted to the user’s feet using two sturdy metal buckles

Boston – a classic clog-like sandal that has a cork and latex footbed and a cap along the entire front of the shoe

Gizeh – the classic thong sandal stands with timeless style. Comes with individual adjustable vintage-look metal buckles and the strap can be individually adjusted to the user’s feet

Mayari – a modern thong sandal with a toe loop

Florida – a three-strap slide to give an extra bit of security and more of a custom fit

Madrid – has an oversized buckle strap

Yao – its a slip-on silhouette with adjustable buckles at toe straps

The Best Birkenstock Dupes from as low as $10

1. Birkenstock Arizona Sandals Dupe

The Arizona Birkenstock dupes sandal is perfect for everyday use if you live in a tropical country.

Or for the summer months if you live in colder climates – its ideal for going on vacation, to the beach or pool.

This one comes in 2 different colors and in a variety of sizes.

12 Best Birkenstock Dupes Sandals for Summer

Sonoma Goods Leather Sandals $40 vs $135

Color: Taupe

2. Birkenstock Mayari Sandal Dupe

Let’s compare the original Birkenstock Mayari sandal to the Mayari dupes.

The clear differentiator apart from the price, is the fact that the authentic pair has the word Birkenstock engraved on the buckles and the dupe does not.

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But even so, you can hardly tell them apart unless you scrutinize them closely.

The Mayari Birkenstock dupes is one of my favorites.

12 Best Birkenstock Dupes Sandals for Summer

Time and Tru Asymmetric Strap Flat Footbed Sandals $20 vs $99.95

Color: Cognac

3. Birkenstocks Madrid Big Buckle Sandal Dupe

This Universal Thread Slides reminds me of Birkenstocks Madrid big buckle leather sandals.

12 Best Birkenstock Dupes Sandals for Summer

Universal Thread™ Single Band Footbed Sandals

Color: Black

4. Birkenstocks Sydney Sandal Dupe

The Neida EVA Slide Sandals is definitely the dupe for Birkenstocks Sydney Sandal.

They both have a floral design and two bands with medium sized buckles.

12 Best Birkenstock Dupes Sandals for Summer

Neida EVA Two Band Slide Sandals

Color: Pink

5. Birkenstock Boston Sandal Dupe

Cotton-On Closed Toe Buckle Slide is an exact dupe for the Birkenstock Boston Soft Footbed Sandal.

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Another dupe for this sandal is this Clog Mule from Target listed at only $30.

12 Best Birkenstock Dupes Sandals for Summer

Cotton-On Closed Toe Buckle Slide $40 vs $160

Color: Taupe

6. Madden Girl Bodiee Patent Birkenstock Dupes Sandal

Make a statement with your summer ensemble with this comfortable, metallic Madden Girl patent sandals.

It features a cushion bed and adjustable double buckles.

12 Best Birkenstock Dupes Sandals for Summer

Madden Girl Bodiee Patent Sandals

Color: Silver Metallic

7. Birkenstock Gizeh Braided Slide Sandal Dupe

Get these Northside Dina Thong Sandals Birkenstock Gizeh dupe for only $30 vs the authentic Birkenstock Gizeh Braided Slide Sandal at $135.

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12 Best Birkenstock Dupes Sandals for Summer

Northside Dina Thong Sandals

Color: Rose Gold

8. Birkenstocks Alternatives

12 Best Birkenstock Dupes Sandals for Summer

Eastland Cambridge Slide Sandals

Color: Light Gray

9. Birkenstock Dupes Sandal

12 Best Birkenstock Dupes Sandals for Summer

Eastland Shauna Leather Sandals

Color: White

10. Time and Tru Sandals Birkenstock Dupes

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12 Best Birkenstock Dupes Sandals for Summer

Time and Tru Asymmetric Strap Flat Footbed Sandals

Color: Coral

11. Mariani Birkenstock Lookalike Slide Sandals

12 Best Birkenstock Dupes Sandals for Summer

Northside Strap Cork Sandals

Color: Brown/Leopard

12. Birkenstock Dupes

12 Best Birkenstock Dupes Sandals for Summer

No Boundaries Two Buckle Slide Sandals

Color: Pink

FAQs About Birkenstocks

What Are Birkenstocks?

Birkenstock is a German brand of sandals which are notable for their contoured cork and rubber footbeds (soles) which confirms to the shape of the user’s feet.

The shoe became popular with hippies and others who had a “back to nature” philosophy and appreciated the natural foot shape and foot-friendly comfort of Birkenstocks.

Nordstrom became the first department store to sell Birkenstock sandals in 1986. Prior to that, health food stores were Birkenstock’s primary outlet. – Source

How Much Do Birkenstocks Cost?

There is nothing like cheap Birkenstocks. A pair of authentic Birkenstock typically costs anywhere from US$100 upwards.

Whereas a pair of Birkenstock dupes normally costs US$25 upwards. It’s such a big difference in the price and you can achieve the same or a similar look with the Birkenstock look alikes.

Are Birkenstocks Worth The Money?

I’m sure they are well worth the money yes but not everyone wants to spend $100+ on a pair of sandals that they can only wear for summer.

But at the same time there will always be the loyal, die-hard fans or customers who will buy it without thinking twice. However, nothing is wrong with buying Birkenstock look alikes.

Are There Good Birkenstock Look Alikes?

Yes there are tons of Birkenstocks dupes that look just as beautiful as the original.

A major factor in determining the quality of the sandal you get, will be based on where it was purchased.

There is the possibility that if you are purchasing them from China, the quality may not be on par with let’s say a US company manufacturing their own version of lookalike Birkenstocks or sandals that look like Birkenstocks.

Wrapping up Birkenstock Dupes, Lookalikes and Alternatives

My suggestion is to always read reviews before purchasing anything that you are not 100% sure about.

Most people share real photographs of the items as well, so you can see how they will look in real life. 

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