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The Best Nails For New Years Eve

The Best Nails For New Years Eve

nails for new years eve

Best Nails New Years Eve

Already got your outfit planned for your New Years Eve party but you can’t seem to decide on a nail design?

In this post you’ll discover the best nails for new years eve plus some inspiration for your next manicure appointment.

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These nail designs are simple enough to do it yourself or you can take them to your manicurist.

Everyone wants to have bomb-looking nails not just to attend their end of year parties but also to bring in the new year. Now its time to unveil the best nails for new years eve!

nails for new years eve

Shop nails for New Years Eve:

The Best Nails For New Years Eve

Use Glitter Or Iridescent Nail Polish

Glitter nail polish is by far one of the most popular choices to wear on New Years eve night. Black or red polish with rosegold, silver, bronze, gold or glitter, in particular, give party vibes which makes them perfect for the occasion.

nails for new years eve

New Year Eve Nail Designs: Neutrals

Can’t decide which colour to pick out of the dozens of nail polishes on your vanity? How about wearing a neutral colour since they match with anything.

nails for new years eve

Match It With Your Outfit

If you are not a fan of neutral nail polish then use one that matches your outfit. Or a colour that compliments it.

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nails for new years eve

French Tips

French manicure is a basic style that a lot of people use when they do not want to go bold or neutral. They look pretty and will go with any outfit you decide to wear.

nails for new years eve

Go With Your Mood

When all else fails simply choose the one that your mind is telling you to go with. At the end of the day, it is just one day and sorry but no one will be focused on your nails as much as your outfit.

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nails for new years eve

Red Nail Polish For A Pop Of Colour

Since its holiday time you can opt to use a red nail polish for a pop of colour. It makes perfect sense for the season and great nails for new years eve too!

nails for new years eve

The Best Nail Polish Colors For NYE Parties:


Hope you have an enjoyable New Years Eve and all the best for the new year ahead.

nails for new years eve

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