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How To Save Money Shopping For The Holidays

How To Save Money Shopping For The Holidays

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How To Save Money Shopping

I already wrote a couple of posts on the ways to save money but this time I want to show you how to save money shopping for the holidays.  Some people think that they must buy a gift for every single person in their life and feel guilty if they do not.

Then end up spending all their hard earned money on Christmas gifts and end up broke before the new year. Let me tell you right now that you need to treat your shopping list the way you would your wedding invitation list.

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How To Save Money Shopping For The Holidays

Make A Shopping Gift List

Make a list of all the persons that you wish to buy a gift for the holidays. After doing so, right next to their name and note down what that gift would be. Next to the gift, put the price of that item. In total you should have about 3 columns.

Tally the costs of those gifts and see what type of budget you would need in order to purchase those items. Do the same thing for the list of household items that you need then list the price next to it.

How To Save Money Shopping By Scaling Your List

Now that you know what budget you are working its is a good time to scale some people off. Only leave the ones that you really must get a gift for or the ones who you know would more than likely get you a present. Eliminate anyone who doesn’t fit those criteria mentioned above and don’t feel bad for it.

If necessary, reevaluate the value placed on each gift and household items you would have listed and tally again. Once you are comfortable with the budget then you can move forward to the next step.

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Figure Out Where You Are Going To Shop

Decide if you are going to face the stores or shop online and where have the better deals. As soon as you figure that out then you can begin browsing for your desired items. A lot of people wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday but a good time to shop is days leading up to BFCM.

Stores offer great discounts on merchandise long before BFCM and you stand a better chance of getting what you want. The longer you wait the chances are things will be being sold out. For gift ideas and suggestions check out my Holiday Gift Guide.

Reuse Old Decorations, Drapes and Curtains

You are probably thinking that I am insane to suggest something like this but nothing is wrong with reusing stuff that you already have. Of course you are not going to use the same items every year but only purchase whats necessary. Christmas decorations are expensive so its always a good idea to store them away to use another time unless they one-time use only.

Don’t Partake

I left this point for last because I don’t want to discourage anyone from taking part in holiday festivities. But if you must, then this is great way to not spend and buy into the hype of Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas for example. Over the years, the holidays have become so commercialized but its really about spending time with family, friends and really appreciating each other’s company. How do you plan on saving this holiday season?

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Do you plan on doing any holiday shopping this year? Who are some of the people that will make your shopping list?

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