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How To Save Money For A Rainy Day

How To Save Money For A Rainy Day

How To Save Money For A Rainy Day | Travel Beauty Blog

How To Save Money

Are you living on a low income or pay check to pay check but would like to know how to save money? You can start small by putting aside a little bit each week or biweekly in order to reach your savings goal. There’s no shame in wanting to know how to save towards your future.

While many people are able to admit to having a shopping problem, there are a lot more who are in denial. The underlying problem is not spending per say but rather, how much money is being spent in relation to what is saved.

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How To Save Money For A Rainy Day | Travel Beauty Blog

Saving Money

Most persons find reasons to justify spending. For them is not a matter of whether or not they can afford the item.  But rather placing a need or importance on those items. Continue reading this post if you feel guilty about anything I just said.

The first step to overcoming bad spending habits is admittance. Recognising you have a problem and wanting to take the necessary steps to fix the situation.

Save Money and Have a Coffee is the slogan on my cash pan pictured in the photo below. I wanted this post to be about saving money even when you’re a low income earner and also about overcoming bad spending habits. So I thought this savings pan was fitting since on the flip side actually has a list of goals which you can save towards such as travel, home, fun, shopping, dreams and wedding.

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How To Save Money:


Budgeting is such an important factor which a lot of people take for granted. A personal budget is necessary to help keep track and manage income, expenses and savings. Having a budget will ensure that you have enough money for the important things and will help keep you out of debt.

Only Buy What’s Necessary

Most times as soon as we receive our paychecks we begin to shop even before doing our budget. This is the type of things that causes money to run out even before all bills are paid. Therefore I strongly suggest to shop only after you have made your budget, so that you know exactly how much cash you have available after expenses.

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Capitalise On Sales

If you must shop, do so when there is a sale. It can be very tempting to impulse shop but a lot of the times if you wait you’ll get the same items cheaper a few weeks or months later.  Although waiting to catch sales may not be ideal for every situation, it is highly recommended for the non-essential things.

Unsubscribe From Unnecessary Newsletters

This has helped me so much it is almost unbelievable. Newsletters from our favourite stores keep us up to date with latest trends but also decreases our savings. What I would suggest though, if you do not wish to unsubscribe, find a way to not have to see them everyday.

Update your subscriptions and perhaps only subscribe to receive updates once every quarter or when they have a major sale. Alternatively, sort them into folders so that they do not land directly to your inbox. I am not suggesting that you unsubscribe from all retailers, but do prioritise them so they can be viewed at a later date if needed.

The temptation that comes from seeing newly arrivals or discounts from your favourite stores is far too great to be ignored after checking our inbox.

Save Towards A Goal

My cash pan really makes this easier for me since it already has check-boxes at the back which encourages saving towards a goal. Have you ever realised how much easier saving becomes when you have a goal in mind? My advice is to invest in a piggy bank and depending on your target, put aside a little every week.

This money is separate and apart from what you are already saving at your bank. At the end of your goal, you might be surprised to see how much you have accumulated by then. Also, this is an incentive to save towards the next goal on your list.

Stay Away From Shopping Malls

The best thing you can do for your wallet is avoid the temptation of window shopping. Stores are set up in a way to grab your attention to get you to go in. For some reason if you must go to the mall, leave your credit and debit cards at home. Only take enough cash for the day.

Stop Buying Things You Can’t Afford

As silly as it sounds, some people tend to buy things they cannot afford. By that I mean they are spending above their means. A perfect example would be if you have a $100 bill, do not buy a pair of jeans that costs $100. Instead it would make much more sense to purchase a pair of jeans costing $40 and save the remainder money.

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Cook Your Own Food

Last but not least cook your own food. Every now and again eating out seems ideal because it surely feels great when you don’t have to prepare your own food. Eating out a few times per week can really put a dent on your pockets. $15 a meal may sound cheap but by the time you add up what you spent at the end of the week, that works up to a whopping $90.

Not only does cooking saves you money but it promotes a healthier lifestyle. Come up with a weekly meal plan and stick to it.


In conclusion, saving towards a goal such as the examples given above would improve the quality of life and in the end you can achieve financial freedom.

What are some other ways you can suggest on how to save money?

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