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Everything You Need To Know About Fenty Beauty

Everything You Need To Know About Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna | Everything You Need To Know About Fenty Beauty | Match Stix | Makeup For Black Women | Gloss Bomb | Trophy Wife Killawatt

Everything You Need To Know About Fenty Beauty

When I found out that Rihanna was coming out with her beauty line Fenty Beauty it was about 2 days before the actual launch day. Thank God I found out late because I don’t know if I would have been able to contain the excitement for long. Also, I had no idea what to expect other than just knowing its Rihanna and she would put her best into whatever she was about to release. Prior to the launch date on September 12, I had not seen any teasers or pictures of what the product was going to look like. Just being a die hard Rihanna fan was enough excitement for the Fenty Beauty line.

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Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Instant Retouch Primer

Feels like and has a consistency of a moisturizer but it gifts a soft matte look. Even on days when you do not wish to wear any makeup you can apply some of this on your face on its own. Usually I moisturize my face before adding my primer but my experience with doing that then putting on the Pro Filt’r foundation was a very bad application. The foundation did not apply properly neither did it give a smooth finish. Additionally, avoid using any other product besides this, before putting on foundation. So if you have dry skin I would not recommend using this primer because it is matte.

Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Long-wear Foundation

Great product if you have normal to dry skin as it does dry matte but does not make your face look dried out or anything like that. Coverage is medium to full so if you can use between 2-3 pumps for medium and add more product as desirable. My suggestion is if you are thinking about getting the foundation you should also get the primer because it was made to go together.

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

Rihanna made this universal gloss bomb to match all skin tones and I love it. Its a peachy pinky thick gloss but it does not feel sticky and lasts for some hours well. Since the day it arrived in the mail I wore it that entire week lol. Back in high school I was a gloss girl but its only since I started working 11 years ago I began wearing lipsticks and makeup as a whole. Don’t think twice about getting this gloss because you are going to love it, I promise!

Match Stix Matte Skinstick (Suede)

If you look at my video you will see that I used this colour match stix for highlighting and it gives a subtle highlight. However, if you are about my complexion and would like something more popping then go with a lighter shade. Creamy finish and the coverage is about light to medium which was fine for me. But if you like full coverage concealers then this may not be ideal for you.

Match Stix Matte Skinstick (Espresso)

Espresso Match Stix is for contouring on darker skin tones and its really dark. Even with my skin tone it was evidently dark but came together nicely after everything was blended.

Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick (Sinamon)

Highlighters have never really been a staple in my makeup kit before but all of that has changed now. Rihanna made me do it! Literally since I got this stick I highlight my face every time I’m going out. Best part is that I have tested it on my lips as well and its really pretty. They can also be used as eye shadow so that means either way you win. If you buy one and you not happy with it then be sure you can use it elsewhere.

Trophy Wife Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter

Trophy Wife had a lot of people buzzing after the launch due to its distinctive high pigment and shimmer. Some people loved it, some said it was too much while others said its more suitable for press but I needed to test it for myself. Even if you purchase this and find that its too much glow for you then don’t fret because it can also be used as an eye shadow. Riri did say that most of her products are multi-purpose and I have been experimenting with them.


Not out of reach as the products are reasonable priced in comparison to some other higher end brands. Being that they can be used for multiple purposes it is worth every penny.

Primer: $32

Foundation: $34

Lip Gloss: $18

Match Stix: $25 each or 3 for $54

Killawatt Highlighter: $34


Based on the products I purchased, all of them were packaged in black and light pink boxes. How a product is packaged means a lot to me and when I first saw it I was pleased. Each product is then came in nicely designed kits so another plus for me. It definitely represents Rihanna’s personality and doesn’t look cheap or rushed.

Final Thoughts About Fenty Beauty

These are the products that I got so far from her which was ordered from her website. As you can see I didn’t order her brushes, sponge nor blotting powder but I am sure they are equally great products. Maybe eventually I will get some more products but I am looking forward to her Brand expansion. When I initially heard she launched 40 shades of foundation I was surprised but not so surprised because she is Rihanna. Her team understood what she wanted and they delivered. While I never experienced having trouble finding my shade in MAC Cosmetics, I have experienced not being able to find my shade of makeup where I live. So thanks to Sacha Cosmetics and now Fenty Beauty for giving me more options.

Have you tried this brand? What are your thoughts?

Check out my YouTube video to see exactly how these products looked on me.

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