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A Complete Review of the YSL Mini Lipsticks

A Complete Review of the YSL Mini Lipsticks

YSL Mini Lipsticks

Today I am doing a complete review of the YSL mini lipsticks from the tatouage collection. Which consists of 3 lip stains. But before I  get into it, I wanted to let you guys know that I bought this during the Christmas season from Nordstrom. It is one of the products that I promised to review after receiving it.

Whether good or bad, I like to share my experiences with people thereby helping them to make better purchasing decisions. Especially when it comes to beauty products, reviews always help. At the time of purchase, this collection had a 5-star rating and that is what influenced me to click that checkout button.


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My First Impression Of The YSL Mini Lipsticks

As I opened each one I noticed the strong scent and eerie similarity to that of alcohol. In my opinion, it smells like wine so if you are a wine lover that may be a plus. But I am used to mild or fruity or fragrances for lip products. Also, they were a tad bit smaller than I hoped but that was not a big deal.

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They came nicely packaged in a black box. On the box had the YSL logo in pink glitter and some pink glitter lips scattered on the front. There was a general consensus in the reviews and most said that it made the perfect gift. Overall the packaging was pretty and secures the items well.


Tatouage Couture Matte Lip Stain

This collection contains 3 mini liquid lipsticks in the following shades:


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    1. Long lasting (about 6 hours)
    2. Suited for every day and evening wear
    3. Makes the perfect gift for the beauty junkie
    4. Looks nice on women of colour so it should look great on other skin tones as well



  1. Smells like alcohol – if you do not drink/ like alcohol then you may not like this on your lips
  2. It tastes bitter – I’m used to my lipsticks not having a taste but this one does when its freshly applied
  3. Considering the price, the size of the product could have been a tad bit bigger (just saying)


Have you used any YSL Mini Lipsticks or similar products before? Do you like them? Share your experience with the beauty brand below in the comments.

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