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The Best Way To Wear The Hair Barrette Trend

The Best Way To Wear The Hair Barrette Trend

How To Wear The Hair Barrettes Trend | Travel Beauty Blog

How To Wear The Hair Barrettes Trend

How to wear the hair barrettes trend? Its no secret that I am still obsessed by the return of hair barrettes and other hair adornments. Although they have slightly changed in terms of style, the concept is basically the same.

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Hair Accessories

Is it just me or have you noticed that hair accessories have been trending since fall last year? I love when old-style returns so I can relive my youthful days.

Well, sorta but you know what I mean. 90’s trend is making a comeback and I am looking forward to the new ways of wearing old fashion.

Such as these hair clips, scrunchies, claw clips, bows, headbands, and barrettes. Most of which I wore as a little girl growing up. With the exception of claw clips and headbands which I still wear to this day.

 Latest Hair Barrettes Trend

Back then when I was growing up, for instance, hair barrettes didn’t come in pearls, acrylics or rhinestones. They were mainly plain gold, silver or black but still adorable if you ask me.

Of course as time change so do trends, and I always look forward to seeing how old styles return with a different spin. So since I have been getting a lot of questions lately since my 2 Instagram posts here and here.

I’ve decided to write this post so that I can show you guys how I style mine. Also for those of you with natural hair and or extremely thick hair can see how they look.

What are their names?

For me, I never knew the correct names of half of these hair accessories because in my country they gave them their own.

Either names rhyming with or similar to the real thing or an entirely different one. So to find them online has been quite a challenge except for the headbands.

 Wearing It With Natural Hair

Prior to purchasing my hair barrettes, I was a bit worried about how they would work for my hair. Also, I had not seen any other natural hair persons wearing or reviewing the trend.


But I decided to give it a try anyway, based on the positive feedback from other customers. Thanks to those reviewers, I have no regrets buying them and they look exactly as in the pictures.


It also took me a long time before making the purchase because they were being sold at ridiculous prices. One retailer even had them for $20 each and I decided against it and to keep searching.

Eventually, I bought two different sets and they both cost under $18. If you are into designer stuff and have the budget then you can get this cute Gucci clip here. Now let’s get into how you can actually wear the trend without looking like a kid.

 How To Wear The Trend

What makes it worth the investment is the fact that you can wear them on the most dressy occasions as well as on regular days.

Events & Receptions

From the simplest ones to the ones covered in pearls or rhinestones are perfect for your formal events such as weddings and receptions. With your hair styled in an updo fashion, it would bring out the right elements of your outfit.


At first, I was a bit skeptical to wear my hair clips to work because they are huge and very bold. However, there are ways that I can style my hair such as in a low bun and still be able to wear them without causing a scene.

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 Casual Day

Even on your worse day when you do not feel to leave the house, you can wear them. Or on a casual day when you’re going to the mall or to run errands. You can interchange and use the plain acrylic clips that don’t appear too bold.


There are no rules when it comes to dressing for church so why not wear your hair barrettes to church too.


 Where To Buy Hair Barrettes

Even Gucci have their luxury version of hair clips that retails for $400. Let’s just say my favorite place to shop for hair barrettes and accessories is Amazon. Where you can find almost anything for all budgets.

Amazon Free 2-day shipping as a Prime Member is a good enough excuse to continuously purchase everything from them. Even hair clips, since it saves me from having to make a trip to the store.

Hair Barrettes Trend – Inspiration

You can always count on the influence of fashion bloggers to lead you on in pointing you in the right direction to make a purchase. After all, people trust reviews and that is where most of us look to before trying new products.

More and more bloggers are spotted wearing them and they are literally taking over Instagram. On the low, I always loved wearing hair clips. But as an adult, I had to resort to using the more “age appropriate” ones. Check out how I styled them down below.

Pin For Later:

For the exact hair clips that are in my hair and other accessories, you can shop here. Are you into the hair barrettes trend as well or are you too grown for it?

How To Wear The Hair Barrettes Trend | Travel Beauty Blog

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