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8 Awesome Blog Management Tips For Success

8 Awesome Blog Management Tips For Success

8 Awesome Blog Management Tips For Guaranteed Success

Blog Management Tips

If you are struggling as a full-time or part-time blogger you may find these blog management tips useful. When I started my blog in 2016 I said to myself “Part-time blogger? Yeah sure! But I didn’t expect it to feel like a part-time job!

At that time, I told myself I would stick to publishing 2-3 new posts per week. Since having a full-time 9-5 meant that unless I quit my job, blogging is something I will continue to do as hobby. I told myself “It can’t be that hard” but little did I know what I was in for.

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The New Year rolled in and I felt really confident about the work that I did on my blog so far. Second week February arrived and my website views were increasing steadily. I felt like I didn’t have enough content to keep them engaged long enough on my blog.

That is when I started doing some research on blog topics to write about and found this UK Blogger that provided some useful suggestions. Thanks to her I felt confident moving forward with over 100 topics to choose from.

Now I’m going to share with you 8 blog management tips to help you manage your website while working a 9-5 job.

1. Time Management

My weekends entailed writing new material, joining relevant Facebook groups, engaging with other Bloggers, promoting on social media, taking photographs, editing and branding. Before I knew it blogging literally took over my social life! It was all I found myself doing on the weekend and I’m sure most bloggers can attest to that.

After realising that I had stopped going out on the weekends because all I did was work on my blog. I decided it was time to take back my social life. So moving forward I got serious about time management and created a blog scheduled.

Specific days for writing content, editing photos, creating graphics and posting to social media.

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As your blog starts to grow you are going to need to set time blocks for each task, in order to accomplish all that needs to be done in your already limited time.

This helped me to save a lot of wasted time that I was spending on idle work. Managing my time more effectively made me feel more accomplished as I was getting more meaningful tasks done.

In the end, each week I focused on writing one or two topics but I also wrote more once the creative juices flowed.

2. Blog Management Tips: Prioritising

Prioritising your blogging tasks will help you to focus on the most important tasks first. It would also enable you to maximize time spent on each project. While the minor and less important stuff can be dealt with last.

I had to reanalyse my personal and corporate life and shift my priorities. Which resulted in me changing my attitude towards blogging. So instead of feeling like it was a burden, I started taking my blog more seriously.

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Some of you might be going through exactly what I have been through and I want you to know that it is completely normal to feel like giving up sometimes. However, being a hobby blogger should not get to the point where you feel like it’s taking over your life and you have no control.

3. Setting Realistic Goals

On the heels of prioritising tasks, setting realistic goals for your blog will make it feel less of a burden. You should strive to set attainable goals like “increasing my email list subscribers to 50 in the next month”.

But in order to do that, you have to take steps towards achieving that goal. Such as creating more lead magnets in CANVA, writing content around your lead magnets, creating a landing page and promoting them on Pinterest.

You can’t set goals and then expect them to be accomplished on their own. So it is equally important to take actionable steps and hold yourself accountable.

4. Content Planning

Content planning sounds like a big task but all it means is having a content plan for your blog. Planning everything what you are going to write and do each month.

For example: keyword research, blog post titles, how many words per article, the opt-in freebie you need to create for each post and the list of email series you are going to send to your list to promote them.

Whether you need to have a photo shoot, or need to create a YouTube video or podcast for your audience. The need to edit your content, plan your social media calendar and things like that.

5. Blog Management Tips: Batching Work

Schedule a specific task or two, for each day rather than doing multiple different things. For instance, you can share new posts every Monday and use the rest of the week to promote them on social media and update your subscribers.

On weekends you can do your photography, editing and planning content for the upcoming week.

6. Outsourcing

There comes in time in blogging where you are going to need help to do some tasks. If you are not making any money blogging yet it can be stressful. But if you can outsource a few things it will ease up your workload immensely.

You do’t need a full-time employee. For now you can hire a Virtual Assistant to manage the scheduling, creating of graphics and social media promotion. Or anything else that you may not be so good at.

7. Investing In Tools

One of the best decisions I ever made for my blog was investing in tools. Blogging tools, scheduling tools, IG story apps, photo editing software and the list goes on.

They can add up to a pretty sum of money per month/year so you’ve got to decide which ones are worth it or top priority for your needs.

Check out my top 10 blogging tools for beginners or my resources page to see which are the tools I use and recommend.

8. Taking Breaks

Sometimes life happens and you need to take a break ever so often. I’m here to let you know that making time for yourself is necessary and healthy. Just don’t take too long to get back into your routine.

There are advantages and disadvantages of taking time away from your blog. So space out your time-off and let your audience know that you will be away.

This will prevent burnout and stress which is quite common for a lot of bloggers. But if you employ these 8 blog management tips, you won’t end up like that.

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Enjoy your blogging journey, and make time to Interact with other Bloggers in your niche by joining relevant Facebook Groups. This is a great way to read other Blogs while promoting your own in the process.

Most groups have set days and specific threads for different blog promotion activities. So be sure to read the group rules and avoid being kicked out.

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Be realistic with yourself and don’t lose sight of your goals. Remember why you started in the first place. At the end of the day, unless blogging is your full-time job, take time to figure it out!

Whether you are doing it to earn a little extra cash at the side or to eventually turn it into your full-time job, let that be your motivation!

That concludes my blog management tips for today. Do you have any more tips that you share for maintaining your blog without feeling stressed? Please share them in the comments.





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