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20+ Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs

20+ Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs

Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs - SheLovesBlogging

So you’ve recently launched your blog now you’re stuck wondering which plugins you should install to your blog first.

Running a WordPress website can be tricky, but with the help of the best WordPress plugins, you can make things much easier.

From form builders to security tools, find out which are the best WordPress plugins for blogs and why they are important for your website.

While there are many other plugins that may function similarly to the ones listed in this post. These are the ones that we have personally used in the past for our blogs and have had good experiences using them.

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Before listing the best WordPress plugins for blogs, we’ll go over what is a plugin, how to download and upload it, as well as how it works.

What Is A Plugin?

If you’re new to WordPress you might have heard about plugins before but probably don’t quite understand what they are and what purpose they serve.

A WordPress plugin is a software that can be uploaded to your website to extend its functionality.

They can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory or directly from the respective developers’ website.

Some plugins are entirely free to download and use while others offer limited free features with the option to upgrade to premium.

Most premium plugins have a monthly or yearly subscription fee while some may charge a one-time fee where you can own it after paying.

Now let’s take a deep dive into the best WordPress plugins for blogs to function more effectively.

How To Download A Plugin To WordPress

First go to your WordPress side bar and hover over “Plugins” then click “Add New” as shown below.

Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs | She Loves Blogging

You will be taken to a new page where you can search for a plugin from the WordPress directory or upload your own custom plugin.

In the example below I have typed in “Elementor” in the search bar and a list of results populated.

To begin installation click on “Install Now” after which you will see the “Activate” button.

How To Upload a Downloaded or Custom plugin

Similar to above, click “Plugins” then click “Add New”.

After clicking on “Add New”, scroll to the top of the page where you will see the “Upload Plugin” button as follows:

Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs | She Loves Blogging

Click “Upload Plugin” then scroll back down a little bit. Next, choose your file from its saved location and click “Install Now”. The plugin will begin to install after which you’ll have to activate it.

Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs | She Loves Blogging

Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs

Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs | She Loves Blogging

Google Analytics for WP by MonserInsights

After you have created a Google Analytics account for your blog, you can install the Google Analytics for WP by MonsterInsights plugin.

After installing the plugin, connect your Google Analytics account using the same tracking ID that Google would have issued to you.

Your Google Analytics ID may look like UA-XXXXXXXX-X or GA4 | XXXXXXXXX.

Analyzing website data is an important and ongoing task that you will have to get used to doing as a blogger or entrepreneur.

Some of the best ways to know what’s resonating best with your audience are to test, analyze, and tweak accordingly.


Akismet is an anti-spam plugin that will filter and block spam comments automatically.

It checks your comments and contact form submissions against spam and filters spam comments before it lands in your moderation queue as pending.

So you can focus your energy on moderating comments from real users.

Rank Math SEO

Rank Math SEO is a search engine optimization plugin that will help you to optimize your WordPress website for search engines.

It does not make your blog posts or website rank, however it provides guidelines, so that your website is more likely to rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

This is by far the best SEO plugin I have used and definitely recommend.

It also comes with a free redirection feature so that when you change the URL of a post or page, it automatically points to your new post or page.

The plugin uses a rating system out of 100, that lets you know how your blog post scores. It then provides recommendations on how to improve that score, so that you can try to get as close to 100 points as possible.

If you are new to Google SEO it may take you some time to configure the plugin settings but its worth installing.

Rank Math definitely tops my list as one of the most important and best WordPress plugins for blogs.

All In One WP Migration

This plugin allows you to backup your entire website and then export it to an external drive or cloud storage of your choice.

For example Google Drive or Amazon S3 just to name a few.

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You can also import a previous backup from another source or saved in another location.

It is one of the best WordPress plugins for blogs and websites in general.

Wordfence Security Firewall & Malware Scan

Wordfence has an integrated malware scanner identifies and blocks malicious traffic from your website, including malicious code or content.

It also defends against brute force attacks by limiting login attempts, enforcing strong passwords and other login security measures.

The plugin checks core files, themes and plugins for malware, bad URLs, backdoors, SEO spam, malicious redirects and code injections.

It also compares your files with what is in the repository, checking their integrity and reporting any changes to you.

It also checks your site for known security vulnerabilities, abandoned and closed plugins. The plugin ensure that your files, posts and comments don’t contain dangerous URLs or suspicious content.

Broken Link Checker

The Broken Link Checker plugin will let you know every time a link on your website is broken.

If it has detected a broken link, you can unlink the URL, update the link, or ignore it entirely.

This plugin is especially useful if you plan on having affiliate links on your website but it also detects internal linking errors as well.

It is indeed a must-have and one of the best WordPress Plugins for blogs.

15 Essential WordPress Plugins For Bloggers


20+ Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs

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    Grow By Mediavine

    If you want to make your blog posts shareable, Grow By Mediavine plugin will make that possible.

    It allows you to link your social media accounts and then places share buttons within your posts.

    You can also select where you want the buttons to appear, either above or below the content or in both areas.

    As well as show or hide the total share count and you can customize the shape of the buttons.

    LuckyWP Table Of Contents

    This plugin will automatically insert a table of contents in every blog post or selected ones. You can customize the look, link colors and where you want it to appear.

    Either at the beginning of the post, before or after the first paragraph. You can also set it to show on full view or as a drop-down menu.

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    Having a table of contents is great especially if your post is very long. It creates a very good user experience so your readers can skip to the section that they want to read first.

    Elementor Page Builder

    To create beautiful landing and sales pages, you can install Elementor FREE Page and Theme Builder.

    Their premium plan gives you more customization options but the free plan is very efficient as well.

    Although it is a drag and drop page builder, some basic website design skills are required. Elementor can also be used to create sales funnels and popup forms.

    Duplicate Page & Post

    At some point, you may want to duplicate an existing page or post. This plugin comes in handy when you need to duplicate a post or page instead of having to recreate one from scratch.

    After duplication, be sure to change the permalink before publishing.

    Your URL slug looks like “/best-WordPress-plugins” at the end of your root domain name. This can be edited using Rank Math SEO plugin or Yoast SEO plugin.

    WP AutoTerms

    The WP AutoTerms plugin is a great and FREE alternative to having to pay for legal pages for your blog. Every website should have a Terms and Conditions page and a Privacy Policy page.

    However, not everyone is able to pay for a lawyer to create them, as they can be quite costly.

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    All you need to do is answer some basic questions and it will create different types of legal pages. But, if you can hire a lawyer to create your legal pages then by all means do that.


    Smush is an all-in-one plugin that optimizes, compresses, and lazy load images so that your website loads faster. You may want to consider upgrading to their premium plan if you want to utilize their Content Delivery Network (CDN).

    A CDN allows for the quick transfer of assets needed for loading Internet content including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos. – source

    This means having a faster loading website and you can utilize your own space wisely.

    Simple Author Box

    Simple Author Box creates a nice author box at the end of every post so that the author of the post can be seen. This is cool especially when you have guest writers or contributors that you want to credit.

    Here is an example of my author box and what it should look like on your website:

    In order for the information to appear in the author box section, the relevant information must be first filled in from the backend of your WordPress settings.

    W3 Total Cache

    W3 Total Cache improves the SEO and user experience of your site by increasing website performance and reducing load times by leveraging features like content delivery network (CDN) integration and the latest best practices. – source

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    If you are using W3 Total Cache together with Smush, some features may overlap, leading to compatibility issues. If that happens you can either disable one of the plugins or disable the caching feature inside of Smush settings.

    Tasty Pins

    Tasty Pins is a lightweight and easy-to-use WordPress plugin that allows you to optimize your blog’s images for Pinterest, SEO, and accessibility. – source

    This is not a free plugin, as it has a one-time fee of $29. Some of the features include but are not limited to the following:

    • Add hidden Pinterest-specific images on your website front-end.
    • You have the option of adding the default Pinterest hover button or a custom Pinterest hover button to all your images. 
    • Disable pinning on certain images.
    • Force pinning of hidden images plus so much more!

    Tasty Pins is one of the best WordPress plugins for blogs that will make your blog posts shareable without creating any bad user experiences.

    Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs | She Loves Blogging

    Translate WordPress with GTranslate

    Translate WordPress with GTranslate plugin uses Google Translate automatic translation service to translate wordpress site and make it multilingual.

    With over 103 languages available, this plugin will allow your audience to read your blog in their preferred language for free.

    You can choose the languages you want and then create a widget for the frontend of your website.

    There is also a paid version of the app which offers more robust features but the free tier is great as well.


    WPForms is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. It makes it easy to create contact forms and other forms quickly and easily.

    Plus, its drag-and-drop editor allows you to customize existing form templates or design your own from scratch.

    With WPForms, you’ll get secure forms with real-time notifications so you never miss an inquiry from a potential customer.


    WooCommerce is another popular plugin that can help you transform your WordPress site into an eCommerce store.

    This plugin features easy integration with payment gateways, inventory management tools, shipping settings, and much more.

    This powerful plugin also allows you to offer coupon codes or product discounts straight from your WordPress dashboard.

    What’s more, WooCommerce comes with a built-in reporting system to help you track your store’s performance.

    Google XML Sitemaps Generator

    Google XML Sitemaps Generator is a WordPress Sitemap plugin that improves your website’s SEO by creating special XML Sitemaps for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing,, and Yandex to index your site faster.

    This plugin creates a detailed Sitemap with all your Pages, Posts, Custom Posts and Taxonomies to improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization score.

    You can also add External or Internal URLs to your sitemap under the plugin settings, making your XML Sitemap easy to customize. – source

    Dynamic Month & Year Into Posts

    You can use this plugin to automatically add and update dates into your articles, like the current year, previous year etc. so that it automatically changes with each year that passes by.

    This plugin can also perform other functions such as boosting your site’s SEO, automating your affiliate marketing, automatically updating blogging lists, offer dynamic coupon expiries and more.

    You only need to add the designate short-codes or variables where you want them to appear on the website.

    This plugin is also compatible with many popular WordPress Plugins like Yoast SEO, RankMath and SEOPress.

    Jetpack by

    Jetpack is a powerful plugin that offers multiple features to help secure and optimize your WordPress site.

    With features like automated daily backups with unlimited storage, spam protection, monitoring of uptime and performance, security scanning, and more – Jetpack can serve as an incredibly useful tool for protecting your website.

    Moreover, you can also use the plugin to track stats and analyze your site’s traffic from within your WordPress dashboard.

    Temporary Login Without Password

    The “Temporary Login Without Password” plugin allows you to create a self-expiring account for someone and give them a special link with which they can login to your WordPress without needing a username and password.

    Create secure, self-expiring, automatic login links for WordPress and provide the links to support technicians or web developers whenever they need admin access to your site.

    Can also be used for an editor to have routine work done on your website.

    You only need an email address, first name & last name to create a Temporary user then the plugin will provide you with a link.

    Login works just by opening the link, no password needed and you can choose when the login expires, as well as the role of the temporary account.

    We can’t stress enough how super helpful this WordPress Plugin has been whenever we’ve had to give access to a Web Developer or Administrator to help fix issues on our websites.

    This is hands down one of the best WordPress Plugins for blogs that we highly recommend.

    You may deactivate and delete the plugin if its a one-off job, until the next time you need it. But if you need it for recurring activities then its definitely a keeper!


    There you have it! 20+ Best WordPress Plugins for blogs and websites to operate effectively. Must-have Plugins for analytics, SEO, page building, SPAM protection, image optimization, social shares, site speed and so much more!

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    Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs | She Loves Blogging

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