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    My First Time In Miami | How I Survived

    skyscrapers in miami

    Location: Miami, Florida

    Trip to Miami

    It was around the second week of July 2016 and I couldn’t remember when last I had taken a day off from work. At the time my cousin Joey was on vacation in Disney Orlando, Florida with his family. I longed for a break from work and since we hadn’t seen each other in a long time we decided to meet up in Miami on his return from Orlando.

    As I began searching for flights luck was on my side! Flights were available from as low as $250 from Panama City. Some holidays were coming up towards the end of August so I thought what a perfect time! So I took a chance and bought the ticket even before getting my leave approved. Life is about taking chances and I think some of the best moments happen spontaneously.

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    Top 5 things to do in Trinidad and Tobago

    trinidad and tobago maracas beach

    Location: Trinidad & Tobago

    History of Trinidad and Tobago

    Trinidad and Tobago is a twin-island country with a population of just over 1.3 million. It is located in the Caribbean, off the northern edge of the South American mainland. The country used to be governed by the British Colony until it gained Independence in 1962 and subsequently became a Republic in 1976. It comprises of two small islands which is governed by one Government body, headed by a President.



    Trinidad and Tobago is known for its Carnival and is the birthplace of steelpan, limbo, and the music styles of calypso, soca, parang, chutney, chutney soca, soca parang, rapso etc.

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