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Timeless Classics That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Timeless – not affected by the passage of time of change in fashion. When I think about timeless classics that is exactly the type of clothing that comes to mind. The things that I can wear any day, any time regardless of what season or whats in style.

Classic on the other hand are those items that have set high standards and have been established and recognized in value. Some people do not like to shop or are not into wearing the latest trends so this may interest you.

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Whether you find shopping is too expensive or you just don’t like to shop, this list tells you the type of clothing that you should invest in. They can be worn all during the year without you having to feel awkward or look old fashioned.

Timeless Classics: The Blazer

Having a good old black blazer or some other colour of your choice is a good idea. Preferably black because it matches with everything but don’t be afraid to add some pop of colour. Blazers are suitable for both work and some casual settings.


Similar to a blazer, cardigans are easy to style and can give you that office look or if you are simply going out. Personally I love to wear them to work on days that I don’t feel like using a jacket.

Denim Jackets

You must own a washed denim jacket because it just makes your outfit look cuter. If you are wearing a cami top with jeans you can wear your denim jacket to finish the look or with a nice floral dress for example.

Timeless Classics: White Button-up Shirts

A simple long sleeve or 3/4 white cotton shirt goes a long way in your wardrobe. It can be worn multiple times with different bottom pieces or even layered with a blazer or cardigan.

Black Trousers

Just like the white button-up shirt, a black pair of trousers is a must have. Nobody has to know that you are wearing the same pair of black trousers every week. You can interchange your blouse everyday to work with the same black trousers but do it tastefully. Alternatively, you can use a skirt if you don’t like pants or take turns between the skirt and trousers.

Trench Coats

Over the years the Trench Coat has evolved becoming a wardrobe staple because it is a piece that can take you from fall through the winter season. Rightfully it has become a timeless piece due to its high standard in the fashion world. Its very classy, easy to style and suited for both formal and casual occasions.


Not everyone loves camouflage but I just love it and how it always comes back in style. Don’t ever throw away your camouflage unless they really cannot fit anymore because that piece is timeless.

Animal Prints

Everything with animal prints comes back as a trend and the most popular ones being the cheetah and tiger prints. Again, hold on to your animal print clothing because that style would be back sooner than you know it. One animal print that came out years ago was the “cow print” and that was the only one that never returned to the fashion world.

Floral Prints

Last but not least floral prints which never goes anywhere and can be worn at any time of year.

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