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Last Minute Gift Ideas For Busy People

Shopping around for last minute gift ideas? Then you have come to the right place! So you’re not really a last minute person but this year you couldn’t find the time to go shopping earlier. Now its just a few more weeks until the holidays and you have stared to panic. Not one gift has been bought from your list and at this point you feel like bad Santa. Santa that is not going to have all his toys delivered in time for the children on Christmas morning.

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Well if that happens to be you then you have come to the right place for clues on what to do next. At this point online shopping is not an option for you because of the seasonal jams. Therefore that means the only thing left to do is to face to stores. Where there is the possibility of large crowds and long lines but don’t let those factors discourage you.

Luckily Black Friday is next week Friday, followed by Cyber Monday and this may be your only chance to bring some happiness to the people on your list. As a matter of fact, great deals and sales should start anywhere from this weekend leading up to the main days so here are the items I suggest:

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Scented Candles

Candles make great gifts because almost every household you will find at least one scented candle. Diptyque – Baies Scented Candle seem to have a good reputation so if you can find these at a local store then you get them. If not then there’s always Bath and Body Works as another option.


Head to your nearest supermarket and grab some bottles of the finest wines you can find on the shelves. Wine lovers can never have too many bottles of wine so they will definitely appreciate this to add to their rack.

Assorted Chocolates

You can never go wrong with a box of chocolates because it is holiday time and people indulge in sweets.

Fenty Beauty Holiday Galaxy Eyeshadow

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna recently launched a new palette that consist of mainly shimmer eye shadows. This is a great gift for makeup lovers due to the fact that people tend to wear more glitter around holiday times.

Decorative Pineapple Jar

Home decor is usually very expensive so with this 2 piece gold decorative pineapple jar for only $80 is really a great deal. Alternatively you may choose silver depending on the individual’s aesthetic style or personality. I always appreciate gold decor to add to my collection even when I don’t know where to fit them.

Michael Kors Women’s Perfume Gift Set

Every woman loves Michael Kors whether its perfume, handbags, wallets, shoes, sunglasses or clothes. We generally appreciate anything that has a Michael Kors branding imprinted on it. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Women’s Perfume Gift Set – this brand is faily common and should be available at any local perfume store that retails designer perfumes.

Conair Men’s Grooming Kit

Now I cannot vouch for the quality of this product or how it works but there are other brands that can also be explored.

Decorative Trays

Decorative trays are usually retailed at most Home Department Stores and although you may not find this exact one there will be lots of options to choose from.

Black & Decker Mill and Brew Coffee Maker

I’m sure you know at least one coffee lover who will appreciate this coffee maker. As an added bonus you may also wish to buy a coffee cup to go along with it.


Perhaps a keepsake from their favourite sports team or football club. Souvenirs lasts a lifetime and is a gift that is widely accepted and appreciated.


All the items suggested are basically last minute gift ideas but I wrote A Complete Gift Guide For Holiday Time that you can check out for more suggestions. Also, linked down below are some random things including some of which are listed in this post. Thanks for reading and hope you complete your Holiday shopping on time.