10 Christmas Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love

Christmas Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love

I know how hard it can be to find the right Christmas gifts your girlfriend will love. It’s also that time of year again when we look forward to buying gifts for our family and loved ones. A task that can be somewhat daunting especially if you wait until the last minute. I already posted a general Christmas Gifts Guide that you can read here. The gifts I suggested there are appropriate for family, friends and work colleagues. So you can stop right here and head over to that post if you do not have a significant other.

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What To Get Her

In this post, I want to focus on presents you can get your girlfriends/wives/fiances because I understand how difficult it can be to shop for some women. The key to finding the right gift is knowing the person you are with and what she likes and dislikes. If you are new in the relationship and are a bit clueless then this post is also for you. Two years ago I made a gift ideas post for her which you can read here, so this one is the revised edition. Side note: most of the items suggested here are designer and high end because that is what we women love.

10 Christmas Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love

Designer Bag

At the top of my list is a designer bag because most women use a handbag every day. Whether it is for work, casual outings or special occasions, we use one at some point. I never met a woman who refused or didn’t like an expensive bag yet. But if you are a woman reading this post and you did, let me know in the comments down below. LOL. The type of designer differs from woman to woman because each one has brands that they love or swear by. So the brand you choose is heavily dependent on knowing what brands she loves.

Alternatively, you are going to have to pick one at random and hope she cherishes it the same way. Some women like vintage, modern, classic or others fancy statement pieces. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one so just purchase one in your budget.

Makeup And Skin Care Products

On average the majority of women use some type of beauty products on a daily basis. If she doesn’t use much makeup then you can get her other items suggested below. She probably enjoys taking her of her skin and may opt for skin care products instead. Choosing the right one again depends on personal preference but these are the ones that are widely accepted by most women.

Holiday time women tend to wear a lot of shimmer makeup so remember to add glitter eyeshadows and lip products. My suggestion is to buy different beauty and skin products and make a big hamper.

Designer Belt

A fashion-savvy woman would appreciate a good designer belt even if she doesn’t wear them often. These belts can be used with jeans, skirts or with dresses for a flattering look. So do not be discouraged even if she doesn’t use belts she would get creative. They are such a staple and every fashion-forward woman dreams of owning at least one. Before choosing a belt you must know the exact measurement as different belts vary.

Thickness of the belt and buckle size are not so important but makes a difference in price. Both leather and chain belts are trending so either one is good unless she has a preferred choice. Gucci seems to be the preferred choice but I also liked some other budget-friendly brands.


Scents vary from person to person and some like fruity, strong or mild perfume. Knowing your partner is crucial to choosing a perfume that she will enjoy. Do not buy perfume if you are not sure about her preferences because it would only upset her.

Vintage Jewellery

A very expensive choice but vintage is always in style and a fashion savvy woman will appreciate classy pieces. Vintage jewellery can also be passed down to younger generations and even become heirlooms. They last for many years and their value usually increases with time.

Classic Trench Coat

Winter season is upon us and gifting her a classic trench coat is not a bad idea. Trench Coats can be used for both fall and winter and classic pieces last a lifetime.

Some More Christmas Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love:


Who doesn’t love lingerie? Every now and again women enjoy pampering themselves for their male companions. Men love lingerie as well so this is a win-win for both parties.

Patterned Tights

Patterned tights are ideal to wear during the fall and winter seasons. These are very practical in keeping your legs warm and are stylish at the same time. Can be used on its own or underneath your clothing and are suitable for casual outings or wear to the office.

Knee High Boots

Fall and Winter essential every lady should own is at least one pair of knee high boots. Boots are available in a wide range of choices such as chunky heels, low heels, stilettos, block heels, suede, leather, patent leather snakeskin, leopard print etc.

High-End Scarf

Scarves are always trendy and they make great gifts for the holiday time. Multi-purpose as they can be used as a neck scarf and head tie.


That sums up my list of all the Christmas gifts your girlfriend will love. Did you see anything that she would like from the suggestions above? Hope this curated list helps make your shopping a much better and enjoyable experience.

However, if you require a bit more help with choosing an item, feel free to send me an email. My email address is: mail@travelbeautyblog.com Perhaps I can be your little helper/advisor and personal shopper in one.


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