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Beautiful Earrings For Your End Of Year Parties

Shopping for beautiful earrings to accessorize with your outfits can sometimes be a daunting task. Especially around this time of year where we look forward to getting dressed up for our end of year work parties. Whether it is your work function or your husband’s, we all want to leave a lasting impression on that night.

You also do not want to buy something that every other woman in the room would be wearing. So if you want to stand out and be different, be prepared to do some digging before landing the right one.  If I am shopping online, I try to give myself at least 2 months prior to the event. However, if I am shopping in stores, usually a month before the date is sufficient time.

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Beautiful Earrings

The key to finding the ideal matching accessories is knowing in advance your colour scheme. As well as the overall look you want to achieve. While real gold and silver tends to be the popular choices, you can also use colouful pieces, gemstones or pearls. It all depends on how formal the occasion and your personal tastes. There are also endless other styles to choose from such as bold statement, dainty, vintage, chunky, fine jewellery, antique, designer etc.

Personal Favourites

My personal favourites to wear to end of year events are plain statement pieces and pearls. They look classy with little effort and make your outfit look expensive. Pearl jewellery are one of the simplest styles you can wear with almost anything. Additionally, you do not have to pay an arm for genuine pearls because the plastic ones last a long time with the right care.

Amarewear Jewelry

Special thank you to Jill from Amarewear Jewelry for sending me yet another pair of beautiful earrings. This pair that I am wearing is the “Abstract Swarovski Crystal“. Jill definitely knows my style and I love how this one is a mixture of abstract statement and pearls. Amarewear Jewelry sells gorgeous handmade and unique jewellery that you will not see anywhere else.

Our first collaboration was last year which you can see one of their earrings styled here. Hope you guys liked the post and if you are in search of rare pieces for yourself or to give as gifts, check them out. Their jewellery are also affordable and you guys know I only recommend products that I use and like.

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Are you attending any holiday parties this year? What is your go-to jewellery style?