5 Easy Ways To Deal With And Overcome Rejection

5 Easy Ways On How To Deal With Rejection

Have you ever worked hard to be a part of something only to be told no? Well, I am guessing that is why you are reading this post right now. You may have had situations recently where you were rejected for not being good enough. The truth is rejection is inevitable but you can use it as a learning experience to grow. Am I telling you that you should get used to being rejected? Yes, that is right because you can learn a lot about your weaknesses or where you went wrong and let it motivate you to become better. By the time you are finished reading this post you would come away with 5 easy ways on how to overcome rejection.

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5 Easy Ways To Deal With And Overcome Rejection | Dealing With Rejection | Travel Beauty Blog

My Personal Experiences

Recently I applied to be part of an affiliate network as another outlet for my blog but was not approved. Being a person that does not like to keep all her eggs in one basket, I decided to give them a try. Not only for that reason but also because other bloggers spoke highly about them. Naturally, one of my biggest fears is being told no, so it usually takes a lot of effort and courage for me to actually reach out to networks and brands. I felt a bit disappointed but at the same time, I did not let that deter me from seeking other avenues. Another instance where I had to deal with rejection in recent times was when I applied to a beauty brand to become an affiliate but was rejected. Now, when things like this happen, I would normally distance myself from them and their products. It might sound petty but it’s sad that they say no even before seeing my full potential.

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What Blogging Has Taught Me

What my experience as a blogger for almost 3 years has taught me is that rejection becomes part of your blogging journey. Especially when you want to work with or for other people, because there are always demands, rules, and terms and conditions to be met. So if you happen to have a hard time dealing with rejection, just know that it is part of life. But definitely not the end of the world. There is always a possibility of hearing more nos than yeses. That is why its good to never have high expectations, instead remain neutral.

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What Worked For Me

These are the ways in which I managed to deal with and overcome rejection. However, it may not necessarily work for you but its sure worth a try.

  • Finding out what my weaknesses were and working on them
  • Let the situation motivate me to do better and put out my best work
  • Looked for ways in which I could do things differently
  • Stopped having high expectations
  • Reminded myself that it is not the end of the world
  • Everything happens at the right time with the right people
  • Work harder on what’s already in front of me – such as promoting other brands that I am already approved for. Some of these brands are linked right here on my blog so you guys can see where I shop.

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5 Easy Ways To Deal With And Overcome Rejection

  • Establish yourself better or as a professional in your field to become the individual that people come to for advice. This may sound impossible but everyone is a pro at something. You only need to find out what your strengths are and build on them so that you can help others who need assistance in that area. For instance, you can become a Guru in affiliate marketing if that is your strong suit. Then help others by sharing actionable steps or sell courses teaching them how they too can become verse in affiliate marketing.
  • Get used to hearing no. But don’t just take no for an answer, find out the reasons why (if possible) and make amends.
  • Leave room for disappointment, therefore, do not put your hopes up or concentrate on only one area/thing. In case it does not work out for you, you should not feel too disheartened.
  • See the positive side of things as tough as it may be. If your life does not depend on it then you can live without it.
  • Use a different/unique approach. For instance if you are a blogger who wants to start working with your favourite brands. Sometimes these companies just want to see something that stands out to them from the crowd, instead of what everyone else is already doing.

Summary of 5 Easy ways to deal with and overcome rejection

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That concludes 5 easy ways on how to deal with rejection and cope with it as well. I hope by now you are feeling much better about how you approach a situation that could involve being turned away. You know as they say you have to expect the worst outcome but hope for the best. Have you ever been rejected by someone? How did you deal with it?


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