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    Down At The Bridge Of The Americas And Amador

    Bridge of the Americas - Amador Causeway, Panama City, Panamá | Travel Beauty Blog | Calzada de Amador | Causeway Amador Panama

    Down At The Bridge Of The Americas And Amador

    “Puente de las Americas” or better known as the Bridge of the Americas in English is a bridge in Panama that spans the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal.  To get to the Bridge from Panama City roughly takes 15 minutes without traffic and all you need to do is tell the driver that you are going to the Balboa Yacht Club. Once you get there you have to walk all the way to the back of the establishment then you will see the area where the bridge can be seen in the background. Sometimes the area may be closed off for some reason or the other and other times there may be people conducting photo-shoots.