How To Start A Makeup Collection: What You Need

Back when I started wearing makeup I had no idea how to start a makeup collection. Neither did I knew exactly what I was doing with regards to applying them. But, thanks to YouTube I was able to buy some products that were popularly used by the majority of beauty bloggers at the time.


The Best Perfumes I Ever Used And Recommend

Firstly I’ll start off by reviewing the best perfumes I ever used and recommend and finish off with the ones that I am currently coveting. So recently I was looking at my perfume collection and realized there are quite a few that I love but never did a review of them.


The Most Popular Korean Beauty On My Instagram

I know I am late to the Korean beauty party but better late than never. Months ago I remember seeing other bloggers raving over Korean beauty products. At one point they even took over my Instagram feed and even so, I never considered getting any. Mainly because of my skepticism and lack of interest entirely.


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