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Skin Care

Recently I did a bit of research on skin care in order to curate a list of some of the best remedies for clear skin. The world is currently on a skin care craze and it would be absolutely odd not to ride this wave. I have never really been a skin care person but I think I am slowly becoming addicted. Just by reading reviews and experiences from other Bloggers about products they have used is convincing enough. Of course I don’t buy any and every product that I see but I have been making a better effort to care for my skin. There are a few products that I am currently trying and I would do an updated skin care routine post in the coming weeks.

The Best Remedies For Clear Skin

Here is my curated list of the best remedies for clear skin:

  1. Learn about your skin type so that you know what products works best for you.
  2. Wash your hands before washing your face.
  3. Use makeup remover wipes to remove your makeup. Do not sleep with your makeup on overnight.
  4. Use a foundation that has an SPF 15 or higher so that your skin is protected from UVB rays.
  5. Do not workout with makeup on. This is is a common mistake I made in the past and now my skin is much better since I stopped.
  6. Drink enough water so that you are properly hydrated. Dehydration causes breakouts.
  7. Change your pillow case at least once a week so that the oil on it from you your hair is minimized.
  8. Use rosewater. Recently I have found out what a gem rosewater is to your skin.
  9. Avoid touching your face with your hands. It is easy for the dirt and germs from your hands to transfer to your face which can lead to breakouts.
  10. Never apply makeup after getting a facial.
  11. Exfoliate your skin daily if possible, especially if you wear makeup every day.
  12. Ensure that the skin care products you are using do not contain alcohol.
  13. Stress causes acne so adding exercise to your daily routine would decrease stress levels and prevent further breakouts.
  14. Clean your makeup brushes at least once a week. The makeup buildup on them causes bacteria to build up which passes on to your face and causes pimples.
  15. Cut back on sugary foods and drinks as well as fast food.
  16. Don’t put your cellphone against your face while talking on it. Use a headset or speakerphone if convenient.
  17. Always use a moisturizer before applying makeup.
  18. Occasionally take a break from wearing makeup.
  19. Get rid of makeup over 6 months old.
  20. Every now and again, have a facial / spa day.

If you follow these 20 simple tips your face will thank you in the end. Share this post with someone who needs some skin care advice.