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Having one source of income is no longer an option. When the pandemic hit in 2020 a lot of people lost their jobs and had to figure it out.  So starting a blog to money may not be such a bad idea after all. 

Did you know that you can make money blogging?

Yes that’s right! But it doesn’t happen overnight though. It takes a strong-minded individual equipped with the right set of tools and a roadmap to success.

If that sounds like something you’ll be interested in then continue reading.

Coaching and Mentorship



Business blog Starter

DURATION: 4 weeks

Four 1-hour Zoom Calls to get your blog up and running from scratch. 

We will go over website basics, WordPress, hosting, domain, themes, analytics, plugins, blogging tools, content writing & so much more!

Ideally for persons wanting to start a blog as a business


Business Blog Accelerator

DURATION: 6-8 weeks

Four 2-hour Zoom Calls to discuss SEO, blog traffic, digital products, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, ad networks.

We will go over driving traffic to your blog, high-ticket affiliate marketing networks to join, creating digital products/courses, getting blog sponsorships & so much more!

Perfect for persons who already have a blog and are currently making less than $100 monthly. 

Payment plans available upon request*

I'll show you how



I started my first blog in late 2016 and like you, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, neither did I have anyone to bounce off ideas with or tell me what it takes to have a successful blog.

Along the way, I wasted a lot of money on things I didn’t put to full use. But I quickly learned and invested way more. When I couldn’t figure out the shortcut to success I invested in coaching and courses. 

Investing in myself was one of the best decisions I made for my blog and business. It changed my mindset, grew my knowledge and I was able to use the right tools that got me there faster than if I had been trying to “figure it out” still. 

It took years of failures until I got the formula right. There were some things that I wish I had not ignored from the start but you don’t have to fall victim like me. 

This is why I’ve decided to offer my expertise in the form of 1-1 coaching. To give you the exact blueprint that got me from $0 to over $500 every month.  

The biggest mistake I made when I newly started blogging was not monetising and not growing my list sooner than I did. It was not until about 2-3 years in when I started doing those things! (ouch!) Big mistake!

As your personal coach and mentor, I’ll help you gain clarity on your blog/business goals. During our sessions you’ll learn how to implement  systems and strategies that will pivot your blog/business to the next level.

These trainings are not going to teach you how to make 5 and 6 figures overnight. I don’t sell dreams because in reality, building a successful blog or business takes hard work, patience and consistency. 

What you will get is the exact strategies and systems that I implemented in own blogs and online businesses. Which is equivalent to 5+ years of blogging/business experience and knowledge packaged into 1-1 sessions. 

Treating your blog as a business from day one will not only save you heartache, but also prevent you from wasting precious time making the same mistakes that I had to make before figuring it all out.

That’s why I want to help you today. 

You have 3 choices. You can EITHER...

1. Do nothing.

2. FIGURE it out ALL ON YOUR OWN. or

3. INVEST IN YOURSELF TODAY. start your blog & be on your way to EARNING a second income (without the stumbling blocks).

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