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Why Vintage Is The New New?

Have you realized that more people are re-purposing older clothes or totally going vintage? Partly because they are becoming conscious of the fast-fashion industry. So essentially, people want to embrace sustainability and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s not just for fashion and accessories but a general zero-waste lifestyle. Such as buying less plastic containers, using recyclable market bags, using organic food and the list goes on.

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Why Vintage Is The New New | Travel Beauty Blog

Exactly Why Vintage Is Becoming The New New?


A lot of people do care about the environment and how the fashion industry contributes to the increase in carbon emission yearly. If this means buying second-hand clothing and shoes, they are prepared to do so. Honestly, since I have become more aware of these statistics I am making a conscious effort to recycle my wardrobe.

Also, I have been focusing on buying only what is necessary. The reality is some people either do not know about eco-fashion or how it impacts our planet. However, if more people are educated about it, eventually fast fashion stores will feel the effects and may be forced to offer more sustainable fashion.


It seems to be the new trend of fashion bloggers since a lot of them are now ditching stores and running to their neighbourhood vintage and thrift shops. While some are aware of the damage to the environment, most are influenced by what the majority are doing and haven’t the faintest idea. If its the latter, that means it will only be a matter of time before a new trend takes over.


Everyone loves a bargain and getting deals and designer items are no exception, although rare. But you can definitely get used items at discounted prices based on its usability. Why pay full price for brand new when you can get it slightly used at a lower price?


Due to the fact that all designer bags are made using the best materials, they last for decades and look in great condition. You can even pass them down to your children and become heirlooms. All while remaining intact and maintaining its main functionality even years later. Even if you decide to sell them years later, some vintage items sell for a lot of money, perhaps even more than you paid initially.


A lot of designer products are manufactured in specific quantities and then they stop producing them. From time to time they also make limited editions in some current styles which end up being hard to find and the most sought-after pieces. Not everyone is willing to part with their treasured gems and usually do not cost a lot to acquire. With the exception of jewellery, some vintage items retail for cheap although it is from an authentic designer.