Happy Valentine’s Day

I would like to wish each and everyone of you a happy Valentine’s. May your day be as beautiful as you would like it to be.

Growing up I have always had boys give me chocolates, tea cups or teddy bears in school for Valentine’s. Of course I had to hide it from my parents for as long as I could because what did we know about love at that age right? lol. If your parents were a bit old school like mine back then I am sure you can relate!

valentine's day

But what really is the true meaning of Valentine’s Day? I honestly do not know! I have read so many different theories, at the end of it I am still as confused as when I had started researching. But maybe I am not the only one here. Am I? To me it is still not very clear as to where it originated from. But I celebrate anyway.

All I know is that for a lot of people it is a day to show love and affection to another person especially lovers. We do this in the form of cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts.

For some people it is just an over-commercialised day.

Countries around the world acknowledge this day in their own special way and celebrate in different forms. In some countries the women give men gifts in hopes of being reciprocated while for others it is the norm for the men to give the women gifts.

If you happen to be single, you can choose to ignore the day entirely. Or if you are one of those persons who do not receive gifts on this day, you may very well treat yourself.

I wrote a post about Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas if you are thinking about what to get yourself.

If you are single don’t feel guilty or bad for being that way. Being single is not a disease and should not prevent you from enjoying the day.

Have a glass of wine!  Have dinner at a restaurant. You may opt to go to the cinema if its going to be too obvious dining alone.

Alternatively you could very well stay at home and cook yourself a nice meal. Make something you are excited about or a try a new recipe. The point of this is that it should make you feel better after eating it.

Most of all don’t go spending money that you do not have! Remember it is just another day and you don’t need occasions to celebrate love!




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