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The Best Oufits For Travelling: Style Versus Comfort

The best outfits for travelling in style and comfort depends on the individual. Everyone’s definition of “dressy” and “casual” are viewed differently. So what might be dressy for you may be casual for someone else and vice versa. However, personal preferences should not be frowned upon for choosing one over the other.

Personally, I do both depending on the length of the flight and if I’ll be at the airport all day or for just a few hours. The time of the flight also dictates what I wear. Day flights I dress up most times and at nights I keep it basic. Also, if its a long flight I wear comfortable clothes and if its a reasonably short flight then I dress up. In between times, it depends on what mood I am in.

The Best Outfits For Travelling In Style And Comfort | Airport Outfits | Travelling Outfits | Comfortable Airport Outfits | Travel Beauty Blog

The Best Outfits For Travelling:


Can’t go wrong with sweat pants and sweatshirts as they are comfortable and easy to slip on. You can wear them with a pair of sneakers or even heels.


The next best thing after sweats is a pair of leggings. These are super lightweight and requires minimal effort to style. You can pair them with a pretty blouse, basic t-shirt, bomber jacket, denim jacket or a sweater.

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One of the best things you can do for yourself when travelling is wearing sneakers. They are the most obvious shoes to wear because they are made for a lot of walking. Apart from that they also keep your feet nice and cozy on a cold flight. My favourite pair to wear is my black and white Adidas ones, although a little heavy they are quite comfy.

Jeans & Denim

Denim outfits effortlessly deliver both style and comfort. Easy to style and matches with literally anything.

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Ballerina Flats & Mules

The next best thing to sneakers is flats. Flats or a pair of mules can be both stylish and comfortable. A great alternative to wear during the winter months is UGG boots.


I love wearing cute short and maxi dresses when travelling. No need to dress like you are going to a wedding reception. Classy, simple and effective should be the main goal.

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Long Sleeve Tops or Shirts

Airports are usually very cold as well as most flights. Wearing a long sleeve top is a great way to be prepared if you did not carry a jacket with you.

Wedge Heels

Wedges are dressy but comfortable enough for travel. Usually, I don’t like to recommend any type of heels for travel but if you must then use wedges.

Tote Bag

A large bag such as the Louis Vuitton Neverfull which can hold all your essentials and more.


Instead of wearing flip flops try wearing a cute pair of sandals.

Outfits For Inspo From Pinterest:

The Best Outfits For Travelling In Style And Comfort | Airport Outfits | Travelling Outfits | Comfortable Airport Outfits | Travel Beauty Blog

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That’s it for my roundup of the best outfits for travelling in style and comfort. What’s your favorite mode of travel?