Secrets About How To Perfect Your Flatlays

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Perfecting Your Flatlays

Before I started perfecting my flatlays I used to wonder how other people got their Instagram feed to look so perfect. So I started doing some research on how I can achieve the same or similar results.

You Don’t Need An Expensive Camera

Use a cellphone that has a good quality camera (at least 5 mega pixels). However, if you already own a DSLR camera then that is awesome! In my case, I use both my iPhone and Nikon DSLR camera and the end results are more or less the same. Positioning your camera up close, directly over the items you are shooting, gives a better outcome.

Photography Skills

One of the best things you can do for yourself is learning the key basics in photography. YouTube has millions of videos and tutorials on almost anything you want to know about. Learn about using the right settings on your camera, setting up your light equipment, blurring picture backgrounds and things like that.

Proper Lighting

Photographs are best taken in natural light but an alternative to that is using professional photography lighting. It may not always be convenient to take photos during the day. So with the use of artificial lighting you would be able to take pictures at night and still have your photos look professional.

Not Just Any Old Surface

Apart from lighting, the background in which you choose can make or break your flatlays. When taking your flatlay this is the most important aspect of your layout. If your background is too distracting, it takes away from the entire picture.There are 6 main types of backgrounds that I suggest you can use:

  1. Rugs – preferably the soft faux sheepskin ones
  2. Decorative Adhesive Paper – comes in different colours, textures and background effects
  3. Foam Board – these can be used as a standalone white surface or can be covered with decorative adhesive paper
  4. Vanity Desk  – if your makeup vanity is wide enough to accommodate your items
  5. Decorative Vanity Tray – similar to the one that is in the picture; preferably one with a glass or solid colour bottom
  6. Craft Table – more space to work with and they come in different sizes and colours

At the end of this post I have curated a list of some of the items mentioned above so you can start your assignment right away. Alternatively they can be sourced from Amazon which is another reliable source.


Try using small props such as candles, flowers, coffee cups, jewellery and magazines, or any other items of choice, but keep them to a minimum. Make sure your items to be taken remain the main subject of the photo otherwise it may be hard to tell what to look at.

Laying Out Your Items

It is going to take a few tries before you get it right or achieve the look. Play around with different layouts and angles of your beauty products for example and take a few pictures until it looks like what you want. Always leave adequate spacing between each product so that they are clearly identifiable.

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Photo Editor App

Having a photo editor app to edit your photos after taking them is optional but it comes in very handy. Sometimes after taking a bunch of photos you realize the background is slightly off white or cream and there are apps that can help you fix those minor issues. These are the ones I use and recommend:

  • Afterlight
  • Snapseed
  • Aviary
  • Fotor
  • PicsArt
  • VSCO

Each one has their individual advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs you can download the ones that are best suited for your projects.

Now that you have all the information and resources that you need go ahead and up your flatlay game! Tag me on Instagram @travelbeautyblogg so that I can see your work. Share this post with someone who needs to improve their Instagram feed.

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