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Most Wanted Under $50 Roundup

Most Wanted Under $50 Roundup

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Most Wanted Items

I am back again this week with another roundup of the most wanted things under $50 on my wish-list. Judging from the positive feedback of last week’s post which you can read here, you guys really love roundups.

So now that Spring is finally here, I wanted to keep things fresh and in keeping with this season’s styles. Most of my curated items from this post can be easily accessed right here.

Most Wanted Things Under $50

Clothing & Accessories

Unless you are a pro but the average person cannot tell and it looks really cute when styled with light washed distressed jeans. Long sleeve tunic is very practical and comes in handy on casual days and comes in various colours. Spandex thong undies made the list this week and I found these to be pretty colourful.

Shoes & Accessories

Straw bags are trending again and it makes sense because its Spring and can also be used during the summer time. This handwoven rattan bag with leather straps is so chic and will last you many years. A more economical but similar style is this woven cross-body straw bag.

Another bag trend I’m here for is the PVC Clear Bag like this one here. Definitely, one I can see myself using over and over although I never thought it would be flattering for other people to see your bag contents.

If you have an Apple watch you can elevate your wrist with this floral print wristband. On to shoes now and I love this jelly studded bow-tie flip flop. You can never have too many pairs of sandals because each one has different functionality.

Hair Accessories

One of 2019’s biggest trends was the return of hair clips and accessories like these, from our childhood days. Maybe that’s why the more I buy is the more I want and I hope this trend sticks around for a while.


You all know I can’t complete any wish-list without adding at least one or two beauty products. Since I am in need of a new daily face cleanser I want to try this one by French brand La Roche-Posay. Last but not least, another Korean beauty finds but this time it’s a moisture mist which you can see here.

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Hope you guys enjoy this post as that concludes my weekly roundup of the most wanted items.

Most Wanted Things

Roundup Of The Most Wanted Things Under $50


Floral print wrap maxi dress because wrap dresses are trending again and this one is a good price. An alternative but equally pretty dress is this one. I also need a couple high-waist leggings for my workouts like this one here. It has functional pockets and which will be useful, as well as 4-way stretch and offers tummy control.

Shoes & Accessories

Yellow open toe sandals to wear to the office on occasion, and on elegantly casual outings as well. A few more hair barrettes to add to my collection and to feed my current obsession with hair accessories.

An office desk pad which would be great for my laptop and I love this light pink one. Clothes rack organizer to help me get my wardrobe together that is a complete mess at the moment. With this rack, I can even hang some of my handbags when I run out of space to store them.


Jewellery storage/cosmetics organizer for storing my new skincare products that are currently scattered on my countertop.


Can’t make it through the week without adding some skincare and beauty products to my wish-list. I’ve heard so many good things about Mario Badescu but never got around to trying any of their products. So I really want to try this facial spray with aloe herbs and rosewater, and I hope its as good as the reviews said. Getting their enzyme cleansing gel may not be a bad idea either.

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Roundup Of The Most Wanted Things This Week


For instance, if your mom does not like to bake then don’t get her a Kitchen Aid mixer because its on sale. Instead, give her something more meaningful that you know she would put to use. If she loves gardening, for example, you can get her a deluxe garden planter.

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Or if she enjoys DIY and home decorating then get her this rose gold mirrored decorating tray. Or even this one here and she can use it to store her makeup, jewellery or perfumes. Teacups because she can drink coffee or tea in them every day. The inscriptions on them can be very thoughtful or funny. This is something that would make her smile every time she uses it.


A number one choice when it comes to gift giving is jewellery as it is one of our favourite picks. Generally, women love jewellery and I can’t get over how cute this chain bracelet is. Its plated stainless steel and comes in five different colours. Even this cross statement ring matches perfectly and can be given with the bracelet as a set.

Beauty & Personal Care

Organic bath bombs that make your bath more relaxing and enjoyable is a sure great way to pamper yourself. With these, you do need to worry about allergies because they were made with all natural ingredients. Even if you do not buy them for yourself they make great gifts for friends.


Cropped L’amour Paris graphic t-shirt for going out since I’ve always wanted one since they were in style. Satin floral kimono that can also be used as a Robe and can even be worn at bridal parties. Jogger pants for working out at the gym or to wear on days when I need to make some errands.

Other Roundup Of The Most Wanted Things

Genuine leather earbuds organizer to store the headphones for my iPhone that I constantly have to unwrap every time I need to use it. I’ve been thinking about getting an Echo Dot for quite some time now so I may just get one.

Having a smart home has been a trend for far too long and it seems to be the way to go. As I said in my mother’s day gift guide post you can give gifts like an Amazon gift card, Prime membership or Audible audiobook subscription.

That’s it for this week’s roundup of the most wanted things. More of my weekly curated items can be found here. Hope you enjoy the remainder of your weekend and are looking forward to reading my next weekly roundup post!

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    • You’re welcome Kate. I think its a good way to test to see if I really want to “splurge” on a particular item. I do that sometimes because there are times when I want something, buy it and end up not loving it as I’d hope lol.

    • You’re welcome Kate. I think its a good way to test to see if I really want to “splurge” on a particular item. I do that sometimes because there are times when I want something, buy it and end up not loving it as I’d hope lol.

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