A List Of The Main Essentials For Every Blogger

What Every Blogger Needs

In order to effectively run a blog part time or full time, every blogger should have the essential items to work with. If you plan on launching your own blog this list will help you get started.

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7 Essentials For Bloggers

Blog Journal/Planner

Useful for jotting down blog post ideas and for creating a schedule. Sometimes ideas come to your mind spontaneously, therefore, the planner can be used to take notes of them as they come. Journals are also useful for when brainstorming blog topics.

DSLR / phone camera

It is best if you use a professional DSLR  camera for taking your blog pictures however, if you plan on using your phone, ensure that it has a camera of at least 10 Megapixels. Taking high-quality photographs is equally important as producing quality content. For instance, if you are a fashion blogger you may hire a photographer if you do not have someone to take the shots for you.

Phone / Computer Applications for editing photos

Most people already have a basic photo editing software downloaded on their phones. These apps can be used to edit your blog pictures and there are lots of them available for free. Alternatively, you may use professional computer software applications like Photoshop to do your bulk editing. These are more advanced but effective once you learn how to use it properly.


An English dictionary is very handy when it comes to your blog posts because you want to be certain that you are using proper spelling and grammar. Having too many grammatical errors look tardy and unprofessional. If English is not your first language you should hire a proofreader to check your content.

Photo Props

When taking photographs of small items such as beauty products, you need props to enhance the final output of your photos. Props such as fabric, candles, magazines, books and other miscellaneous items

Lighting equipment

Proper lighting equipment is highly recommended for shooting your subject. It may not always be convenient to capture in natural lighting so having a light system will allow you to shoot any time of day.

An Email List

Every Blogger should aim to collect the email addresses of their readers. As your list grows bigger you can eventually turn your readers into customers. An email list is very important especially if you decide in the future to turn your blog into a business.

Hope these tips would be useful to you on your blogging journey. Already a blogger? What are your go-to blogging tools?


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