Just Some Cute Things I Found At ZAFUL

While browsing over at Zaful I found some really cute white cocktail dresses that would be great for end of year parties. Its almost that time of year again to look forward to attending work Christmas events and functions. Whether its your work or your boyfriend’s you better start looking now for some potential outfits. What I did was try to make that job easier for you by putting together an entire outfit by choosing the most suitable white cocktail dress I found on their site and paired them with some matching accessories.

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Cocktail Party Outfit

Lately I have been into budget shopping a lot and have been looking into alternatives to the expensive stuff. As women I think we all go through that phrase from time to time. We have those moments where we want to spend our entire paycheck (not literally) on all the cute things we like. Then there are times we just want to source cheaper alternatives.  I put together this outfit with budget shoppers in mind so I don’t expect it to appeal to everyone’s taste.

White textured Dress

This dress actually has a lace-up back design which gives an extra sexy vibe to it. At the hem there is a mermaid frill design with a high-low effect but it falls flush at the knees.


Rhinestone Choker Necklace

Rhinestone choker necklace in a champagne colour looks great against white. Undeniably cute and an added bonus being a choker and necklace in one.


Layered Tassel Earrings

It doesn’t exactly match the rhinestone necklace but tassels are in and this one goes nicely with the white dress. However, wearing a stud earring of your choice is optional if you find too much is going on with the necklace and tassels together.


Chain Detailed Cross Body Bag

Cross body bags have been such a staple, they are just too cute to resist. Of course using the chain strap is optional but I love the stitching design at the front.


Striped Colour-Block Sandals

Black solid shoes with the touch of white stripes made this shoe the perfect choice for this dress. Not too casual yet not too elegant is the best part about this pair.


One more thing…on the topic of budget shopping, I do have a surprise for you guys…Go ahead and use the discount code: ZFEN at checkout when you shop at Zaful. Want to be more fancy in this summer? Just do it!

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