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How To Wear A White Tee And Look Good

Generally I am a simple dresser and I love graphic t-shirts. So I decided to dedicate a post on how to wear a white tee and still look good. If you read this post here you would know that white is not my favourite colour. But that does not mean that I do not or can’t wear it, in fact I love how an all-white outfit looks.

So as I’m going through some of my photographs from my photoshoots thinking about how I can repurpose them. I came up with the idea for this post and decided I would use the photos in this post for another blog post as well. The other blog post is the one that I actually shot this look for. But I wanted to share that little detail to let you know that if you are a blogger, its quite okay to repurpose your photos.

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How To Wear A White Tee And Not Look Basic

Wearing white may not be as fun as wearing another colour because you always have to be so cautious about getting dirty. Trust me, it can be quite embarrassing to be walking around with food stains plastered all over your t-shirt. So I get it why a lot of people tend to stay away from white. However, I wanted to share some fun ways you can make a white tee look anything but BASIC.

Use A Bold Lip Colour

You want to draw attention to your face by going with a full face glam makeup look or bold lip. It’s obvious why I said bold lips because from looking at my picture you can tell that I am wearing a bright pink lipstick. The colour I am wearing is All Fired Up and its from MAC cosmetics. MAC Cosmetics is still one of my go-to makeup brands.

Wear It With Blue Distressed Jeans

My second favourite way to wear a white tee is with a pair of blue distressed denim jeans. It doesn’t matter if its dark washed or acid washed as the white would make it pop anyway.

Dress It Up With Heels

For a classy, girly look dress it up with a pair of bold colour or animal print shoes, whether it be wedges or pumps. On a comfy day or a more casual occasion, wear all white sneakers.


When it comes to accessories the possibilities are endless. Use dressy hang earrings such as this pearl one that I’m wearing or one if your choice. Additionally, I’ve chosen to accessorise my white tee with white sunglasses, a chain crossbody bag, designer belt and a dainty necklace. Alternatively you can up your look and mix in a designer statement piece such as a handbag.

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Layer With A Bold Solid Blazer

To add a pop of colour, layer your white tee with a bold, solid blazer. Those are my tips for rocking a white t-shirt and looking expensive. What are some of your favourite styling tips when it comes to wearing white?

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