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How To Pack Light

A lot of people do not know how to pack light and need help in that area. Packing a luggage for a trip can be a pain in the butt. You always have to consider the weight limits associated with each flight and pack accordingly. It can be frustrating thinking about having to fit all your planned outfits, shoes etc into 1 or 2 luggage. Admittedly I am not a very light packer.

I love being organized and hate last minute but I always tend to pack “just in case” outfits and shoes. Most time they end up being unused. I tend to get a little paranoid thinking that I may not have sufficient clothing items when I am on my trip. Even when there should be some excitement when packing for a vacation or get away trip, it can be a tiresome task for most people.

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How to pack light for your trip and overcome the frustration associated with packing

  1. Check the luggage allowances for your flight before you pack. Generally airlines allow one checked luggage and  one carry on with a personal item while some allow two checked ones. This will save you from paying exorbitant overweight charges.
  2. Look at some YouTube videos that show you how to efficiently pack a suitcase. There are hundreds of them available that will guide you on how to utilize the space.
  3. After you have an idea of how much space you are working with start packing at least five days in advance. This works good for me in that once I have mentally decided what I am taking with me on my trip, I start putting things into my luggage, not necessarily packing them neatly at this stage but doing this helps me to see exactly how much luggage I may need to take and also this is where I can take out things that may be unnecessary.
  4. If you are staying at a hotel or family member, check with them to see what amenities would be provided. This would prevent you from carrying things that you would have access to during your stay. For instance hair dryers are usually provided in each room at most hotels as an inclusive amenity or for a small fee.
  5. Plan an outfit or two per day. Depending on the occasion of the trip, put aside one or two going-out outfits for each day that you would be on the trip. Example: a day dress and a casual outfit perhaps for dinner. 
  6. Take a couple pairs of shoes and sandals that can be interchanged with outfits. Limit it to 3 pairs if possible.
  7. If you are travelling with a heavy winter coat or pair of boots, let that be your travelling outfit to go and return so that you won’t have to add them to your luggage.
  8. Use a bathroom scale to check the weight of your luggage before heading to the airport. Better to be safe than sorry. Every time I have to travel I feel a little paranoid about whether or not my bags are over-weight.

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What about you how do you overcome the challenges with packing?