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How To Organize Your Wardrobe Easily And Quickly

Before I get into the steps on how to organize your wardrobe easily and quickly. Have you ever felt like you had so many clothes yet you cannot seem find something to wear when its time to go out? Yea well me too and I think the main reason for that is a lack of organisation! The main reason why I am doing this post is because I too needed to put some order into my daily routine. Not that I am messy or anything but things started to get out of control.

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How To Organize And Toss Clothing That You Do No Like

We all have pieces of clothing that we hang on to but would probably never wear them. Or perhaps they are stuff that was worn once before and for some reason won’t ever wear. Regardless of which one of these applies, get rid of it altogether. Every now and again get rid of the ones that cannot fit or what you no longer wear. A good idea would be to give them to a family member or to the less fortunate. Holding on to unwanted clothes only form part of the problem.

Replace After Use

Put all your clothing in a central place so that they can be easily retrieved. I used to have a bad habit of leaving clothes hanging around for days after I do laundry. But recently I made an extra effort to pack them right away. I’m also proud to say that it is going really well so far.

How To Organize Your Wardrobe By Colour Code Or Occasion

Personally I do not sort my clothes by colour because I wear almost every imaginable colour. However, if you are a minimalist or only wear certain colours then this would make perfect sense. Normally I arrange my clothes by occasion; for home, work or going out. If you take a look at the picture above you will see that is a snapshot of my closet. You may recognise some of the outfits that I already wore and this was taken after I did a general cleaning. Alternatively you can sort by item type such as jackets, shirts, trousers etc.

Sort Seasonal Items

This method does not apply to me because the majority of my clothing are suitable for the tropics. But if you do have seasonal clothing then you can group them accordingly.

Rearrange Frequently Used Pieces

Sometimes I am guilty of wearing the same set of clothing over and over. That’s because I do not practice rearranging and some items get buried in the bulk. Often times this results in frustration and me thinking that I do not have enough clothes.


That’s it for my 5 tips on how to organize your wardrobe easily and quickly. Do you have challenges when it comes to organizing your wardobe?