Happy International Women’s Day: Be Bold For Change

Happy International Women’s Day

So today we celebrate International Women’s Day. Recognized on March 8th of every year around the world in honour of women. This year’s theme happens to be #BeBoldForChange.

For those of you who are not sure why we mark this day I hope this post brings some clarity. As for the men who don’t think it is important, continue reading and maybe it will change your perspective.

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Simply put, International Women’s Day celebrates the cultural, social, economic and political achievements of women. The day is marked around the world in the form of arts performances, talks, rallies, networking events, conferences, and marches. In some countries, it is officially a holiday while others treat the women as they would on Mother’s Day.

Happy International Women’s Day – How Did It Start

Dating back to 1980, about 15,000 women marched through New York demanding shorter work hours, better pay and voting rights. A year later, the first National Woman’s Day was observed in the US on February 28,  in accordance with a declaration by the Socialist Party of America.


The main aim which was to achieve gender equality for women still has not been realized. There is a large gender gap. Women are still not equally paid to that of their male counterparts and are also not present in equal numbers in business or politics. According to the World Economic Forum, the gender gap won’t close until 2186.

Truth is, we are still living in a male-dominated world but that doesn’t mean women should not stand in solidarity for what they believe. Let us all come together and hope that one day the world see us as equal human beings. This does not mean that we want to take over the stereotyped “male-dominated” roles but rather, a chance to be seen and treated equally in those roles.

I would like to wish all women a Happy International Women’s Day. Do have a blessed one and remember to hold your head high, be bold, be brave; but most of all #BeBoldForChange.

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