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I bet you too are annoyed by the follow to unfollow trend on social media, namely Instagram. This is a trending topic that has been on my mind and I have been wanting to speak about it for quite some time. Now that I am back to work after my 3 weeks vacation I can finally get back to blog mode!

We can all relate to how hard it is to keep your blog updated while on vacation. Today is my first working day for 2017 and before going further I would like to air my thoughts on this subject.

Recently I saw Bloggers alike, expressing their views on it and so I have decided it is time to speak up. In 2016 the social media trend was to follow to unfollow. Painfully, I still see it happening in this new year as well. Oh how annoying it is to wake up to a certain number of followers then later in the day you realize persons have unfollowed you!

They say that numbers don’t necessarily say anything but lets be honest, most businesses won’t work with you as Blogger or “Influencer” unless you have a certain number of following.


Lets Genuinely Support Each Other: Leave the Follow to Unfollow Trend in 2016 | Social Media | Instagram Follow | Travel Beauty Blog

The Follow To Unfollow Trend

This post is to address the issue of persons who deliberately follow accounts to unfollow. Using Instagram as an example, there are a lot of bots websites and or software offering “free followers”. They allow you to purchase “followers” or in exchange for free followers they may ask you to spam like, comment or follow other users.

When you do this, all this does is make your account appear as though you have a massive following but what you really get are ghost followers, a lot of spam and little or no interaction from the followers. This is evidence that it doesn’t work!

Like me, if you have done your research you would have come across websites offering courses on how to gain a large following or similar. I am not discrediting all of them because I have seen a few of them providing information on how to organically gain followers by letting you know that there is no real way to make it happen over-night.

However, a lot of them are making a fortune by selling dreams. Misleading the non-the-wiser about how many followers you can gain within a short period of time. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is! 

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Lets face it, we would all like to have a huge following but success doesn’t happen overnight. If you really want to have a successful business or blog then the best way is to gain an organic following of real supporters which comes over a period of months and perhaps years. The return will be more rewarding.

There are other legit ways to attract persons to your business but for a hefty price. Most established accounts that have millions of followers may charge at least $200 for one business promotion or a sponsored post. It may not guarantee followers but your business gets displayed in front of a large audience.

 The following are platforms for promoting your Blog / Business:

1. Facebook Ads which allow you to link your Instagram page so it can be displayed there as well.

2. Pinterest Ads.

3. Sponsored Posts from a legit Instagram account with a large following.

4. Linking with Influencers from websites such as FameBit.

5. Sign up for Google Adsense. Strategically place ads on your website and Google pays you per click.

6. Join Affiliates Networks. You earn a small commission for displaying Company Ads on your website.

7. Team up with similar Businesses or Bloggers and cross promote. A good place to look is Facebook. You will find some theme-based closed groups for Bloggers.

8. Host giveaways. People love free stuff but give something that you too would like to receive.

9. Google AdWords. You have the ability to create your own ads to be displayed on Google for as low as $5 or $10 per day depending on your budget.

As a Blogger I would really like to know if people no longer genuinely follow and support each other or businesses that they like? I would like to think that when someone follows me it is because they have an interest in what I have to say or post because personally, I do not unfollow persons or pages unless they have unfollowed me.

Do you find it annoying that the follow to unfollow is the new era of social media? Share your views below.



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