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Cute Stationery

One of the many ways to inspire creativity for me is by having some really cute stationery items. As well as having a nice dreamy, comfortable, work-space equipped with the right tools. Once I have these things I can practically stay in that environment all day and get things done. So for this post, I just wanted to share the items that I would typically have in my work area that inspires me to be more creative.

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Cute Stationery:

Stackable Desk Organizers

Where would I be without desk organizers? They are what keeps unwanted items in a designated area so I can refer to them later. Or items that require further action, I toss them in my dip to deal with them later. While the ones I have look like this, I prefer a more modernized gold-tone one like this instead. It even comes in a gold or rosegold 4 piece desk set if you want to be over the top. Or you can get just the matching pen cup holders to store your pens, pencils, scotch tape and miscellaneous.

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A stapler bundle which includes a stapler, staples, staple remover, binder clips, and a scotch tape dispenser. As well as some post-it note pads with the post-it dispenser. Rose gold craft scissors for cutting paper and some inspirational file folders to keep your important documents organized. These are so chic and serve as a constant motivation with the beautiful messages printed on them.


Monthly desk planners to keep track of appointments and for planning your day to day activities. I love these floral printed ones which can be used on a wall or desk. Three pieces rose gold pen set which I also linked in this post but they are so irresistible I had to include them here again. There are a few other basic things which I did not include in the post but can be found right here.

Wall Decor

Wall decor with inspirational quotes and inscriptions are a great way to stay motivated. Especially on days when your creativity levels are not as you would like it to be. They also make any workspace feel more welcoming and of course, look aesthetically pleasing. Alternatively, canvas paintings have a similar effect to if you were to use wall art decor. Depending on the art, it can help you to keep calm and stay focused while at work.

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