Building A Practical Office At Home

Have you have been thinking about having a practical office at home but concerned about the limited space available to do so? Well today I am here to tell you that regardless of how small your living space is, it is possible. You don’t have to worry about spending extra funds to add a new room neither do you have to convert one of your existing rooms. Of course, unless you absolutely want to but that is not what this post is about.

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Steps To Creating A Home Office


Before starting out, you are going to need to get creative and think about your work space requirements. Whether you need to rearrange the existing living room; type of table and seating required as well as access to lighting, internet and electricity outlets. Decide on storage needs, office supplies, paint/wallpaper and other decor you may want to incorporate. Once you have all of this figured out then you can jump right into your DIY home office project.

Find A Good Spot

Locate a corner of your home that you can create a mini division from the rest of your living space. Ensure the space is adequate to add a small table or computer desk. When you have found your ideal spot, paint the wall that the table would be against. This is the wall that would be facing you when you sit. A great idea is to use an accent colour paint that compliments the rest of the room. Using a vibrant colour will help boost your mood and give you the much needed energy while at work.

Choose Comfortable Seating

So now you have a secluded area with a bright painted accent wall and a desk to work with. Now you should have a better idea of how you want your setup to look so go ahead and add a comfortable chair. Either use one that is sitting around the house or invest in one that is more appropriate since you will be spending a lot of time in it.

Partition Your Space

By now you should have a practical office however, this step is optional but highly recommended. Get a folding room-divider to create a barrier between your office and the living room. These are available in various designs and materials as well as different textures. Room-dividers are also good for blocking distractions from the TV or household members. They almost give you that privacy similar to that of a typical room/office.

Personalise Your Office

For your desk area, make sure that you have sufficient lighting like a desk lamp, especially if you have a central lighting system. Additionally, you may wish to buy some storage containers and place them below the desk for the purpose of preventing clutter; or opt for using a desk with built in drawers. Things like work files, supplies and stationery can be stored in them.


Accessorise your office area with a mat or rug to prevent damages to the floor or tiles. More lighting may be required such as floor and standing lamps. Requisite lighting is important for productivity as you do not want to fall asleep due to dim lighting. Vision and mood boards for the accented wall is another great idea so that you are kept motivated and can keep track of tasks and goals.

Mission Accomplished

This entire process will cost a lot less than building an actual room. Similarly to an office, productivity is guaranteed working from home in a comfortable work space. Good luck with creating your home office and please come back and let me know if you tried it. If you enjoyed this post share it with someone who may find it helpful.


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