Finally Bought A Planner For My Blog

Blog Planner 2017

So finally I bought a planner for my Blog from Stradivarius, one of my favourite stores. Today after work I decided to make a quick stop at the Mall because I had promised to get a Blog Planner at the beginning of the year.
However, the third week crept in and caught me lapsing. The main reason for this is because I returned from a vacation in the second week of January and getting back in my routine after 3 weeks was such a drag!
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Don’t Stress Do Your Best Blog Planner

Weeks passed of not having a fixed schedule. I used to randomly post while working on improving my blog but eventually things got out of control.
I made up my mind it was time to get things organized. Even as a part-time Blogger it requires a lot of planning and organizing to maintain a Blog. Thank God I enjoy what I do because if not, then it would all be in vain.
On the outside of the Agenda has a quote that says “Don’t Stress Do Your Best“. My immediate thought was the creator of this book must have created it with me in mind. lol. 
I love that at the beginning of each month there is a full schedule, then starting on a new page each day has more space to write notes.
Finally Bought A Planner For My Blog 1

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I would recommend if you are now starting up a blog develop a schedule. Also set aside time for updating old content.

I have a tendency to write more than one topic at a time and completing them at different intervals. I would then work on the one I wanted to post next, then publish once finished.

Finally Bought A Planner For My Blog 2

For now, I would stick to posting once every 2-3 days since I don’t have that many readers per day just yet. I prefer to provide readers with quality content and enough time to catch up before reading new stuff.
How do you keep your blog organized? Do you have a set schedule?






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