Black Friday Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

6 Tips for Shopping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

People like me who love shopping don’t particularly wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.  For us Shopaholics, this is just another reason to shop. So Black Friday is quickly approaching and you realize you still have a bunch of gifts to buy. I have summed up below a few tips I would like to share with you:

Black Friday Cyber Monday Shopping Tips | Sales | Shopping | BFCM

Never Wait Until Black Friday

Unless you are buying a television or electronics never wait until Black Friday itself. Most Retailers offer discounts between 60-75% on days leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In this way you are sure to get your desired items at a very good price. Prolonging the purchase could mean that they are either sold out or are limited in styles, sizes and colours.

Make A list

List all the items you need so that you don’t leave out anything or purchase expensive things that you may not necessarily need.

Sign Up For Newsletters

You should sign up for newsletters from the Retailers you wish to shop from. In this way you would be the first to know when sales have started.

Follow Those Brands/Retailers

Stalk your favourite Brands on social media because they may have special discounts for followers on their social media platforms.

Shop Around

Pay close attention to the things you wish to buy and note prices so that you would know whether or not you are actually paying more or getting a good deal. Once you are getting a good deal buy it one time. Chances are if you wait you won’t get another opportunity for various reasons mentioned above.

Only Buy What You Need

Stick to your list because you may be tempted to buy unnecessary items but don’t give in to temptation.






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