How To Cope With A Lack Of Support

Support is one of the hardest topics I have had to write about since my blogging journey. About two weeks ago I did all my research and started putting together the points I wanted to discuss. But every time I tried to get my thoughts together I couldn’t get the creative juices flowing. Eventually I decided to leave it alone and kept it in draft for keepsake.

This morning as I was making my daily rounds on Facebook I saw someone posted in a Facebook Group asking  some of the same questions I intended to address on a lack of support.

Realizing that I was not the only one affected by this, suddenly I was determined to finish writing if it meant helping someone.

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What does support mean

Support means to give approval, comfort, or encouragement to.- google

Today I want to talk (rant) about support because I am a big fan of supporting people and it affects me every day. Whether it be family, friend or stranger, once I find interest in their work I contribute in whatever way I can. It could be a word of advice, encouragement, financial means or physically.

Have you ever realized how hard it is to get support from the people that means the most to you? Thank God for blessing me with a supportive mother, sister and few friends. For the most part they back me one hundred percent in all my endeavours and for that I am grateful.

The Blogging Community

I joined several blogging groups on Facebook where I see the genuine effort of the Creators to provide a platform for cross-promotion and sharing of content amongst Bloggers, and I commend them for that. But what bothers me the most is the lack of consensus that occurs within said groups.

Don’t get me wrong, we all want to promote and grow our blog or business but a lot of people are in it for their own selfish benefits.  I discussed this issue in a post which you can read here.

Numbers Play A Big Role

Some say numbers don’t mean a thing but I disagree.

Why do we feel compelled to leave a meaningful comment below a blog post or like the pictures of the most popular people on social media but when it comes to our friends we think twice?

We scroll pass persons with 50 followers but follow the ones that already have thousands and millions of followers.

Here are the Top Reasons why People don’t Support you:

  1. Not everyone believes in you and your goals. Your goals may seem unrealistic to some.
  2. You are not as popular or established so you seem inferior to them.
  3. Some successful people forget where they come from.
  4. They are selfish.
  5. They are intimidated by your success so they don’t want you to do better than them.
  6. They are insecure.
  7. They don’t see the hard work and effort you put in.
  8. They want to mimic your success.
  9. There are no profit or financial rewards for them.
  10. Last but not least, they don’t support you because you don’t support them.


I believe that support has to be reciprocated. In order to get support you need to be supportive of other people. So I want to encourage everyone of you to reach out to someone in need. A family, friend, neighbour or even stranger.

I am not saying to give random people money to start a business because it sounds like a good idea. All I am saying is be a good friend. Offer some good advice and see if it comes back to you.

It is difficult to know that you have receive something nice from someone and not say thanks or show any appreciation in return. Well its the same feeling with support. The more you start encouraging and appreciating people I believe its given back.

 How to Cope with a lack of support:

  1. First things first, safeguard yourself from disappointments and don’t expect people to support you.
  2. Separate your personal space from your business/blog etc. This is something that I have done and I do not regret doing it. When I started my blog I created a separate page for that purpose only.
  3. Accept the fact that not everyone who comes into your life is genuine. Sad to say but sometimes a stranger may faster  show you love than friends you’ve known all your life.
  4. Do not feel intimated by a lack of support. Don’t let a lack of support keep you from moving forward.
  5. Be honest with yourself. If you cannot genuinely support people don’t do it. Put out the energy you want to receive.
  6. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t give up, the purpose is in the process.
  7. Work hard on building and promoting your business. Eventually you will see things coming together.
  8. Not because you do not get support means you can’t achieve your goals.. You can do it without their support!


I appreciate the hard working, honest Bloggers like myself who utilize their forum to genuinely connect with like-minded people.

I know it is impossible to follow back every single person who follows you on social media but I believe if I want to see a change it should start with me.

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