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Aloette Body Care Review

Today I’m reviewing the Aloette Body Care and what I liked about it. Before I get into that let me first disclose that these products were sent to complimentary Aloette for review purposes. However all opinions expressed in this post are solely my own.

Prior to receiving these products I have not purcahsed anything from this Brand before. After using the collection for a few weeks now I decided it was time for a review of the dark garden collection by Aloette body care.



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Dark Garden Collection

This collection comprises 3 products: a Body Wash, a Dry Hand and Body Oil and a Body Lotion. I am going to review each one separate so that it doesn’t get confusing.


Body Bloom Hydrating Gel Body Wash

Since this was the first product I tried out from the collection I am going to start with this one. It has a nice, thick consistency and lathers a lot, which is essential for me in any body wash. Has a mild fragrance and the colour of the gel looks a lot like an aloe.

In comparison to other body washes I have used which normally leaves my skin feeling extra silky, I found that the body bloom did leave my skin soft however it was lacking that silky feeling. Not a bad thing though, it was more like the product disappeared into my skin.

Which is something I also realized with the other 2 products. Does not contain micro-beads to exfoliate your skin. They said it consists of Arabian Jasmine, Patchouli, Bergamot, Apricot and Blackberry for a sensational bath experience. Retails for $18 which is not a bad price given that it is about 6 ounces of product.



Crushed Velvet Moisture-Binding Body Lotion

Looks white and has a nice creamy texture to it. Also has a mild scent and definitely leaves the body feeling smooth and moisturised. Retails for $18 as well and you get about 4 ounces of product which is fair price point.


Body Incense Dry Hand & Body Oil

By far my favourite of the three products and because of that I use it everyday. If you have extremely dry skin you may want to try this product. What amazes me the most about it is the fact that when I apply it on a morning it lasts all day long.

I’ve noticed that my skin, especially my elbows when left outside does not dry out at all, despite being in air condition for most of the day. Great for using just after getting out of the bath as well, and similarly to the other 2, it disappears into my skin yet leaves it feeling hydrated.

You do not have to worry about being oily after applying it to your skin because like it says its “dry” and they have kept their word on that. Also has a gel-like consistency like the body wash and looks like an aloe. Costs $24 which I find to be worth it because its 6 ounces of product and works wonders for dry skin. A little bit goes a long way!


Aloette Body Care products are aloe based, they have a mild scent and they all somehow disappears into the skin after applying. In comparison to similar beauty products, the price range is more or less on par for what you would pay from other Brands.

Out of the 3, the only one that wowed me was the dry hand and body oil, as for the body wash and lotion, I can do without them. Definitely recommended for persons who like mild-scented body care products and if you have dry skin.

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Have you ever used Aloette products before and did you like it?