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What I Absolutely Like About Nivea Face Moisturizer

This Nivea face moisturizer is actually the first product I have ever purchased from the beauty Brand. Although I have seen countless reviews from high-profile bloggers about their products. What lead to me buying this product was the fact that my go-to L’oreal face cream had finished and I wanted to try something new. Not that I didn’t like my previous face moisturizer but I thought it was time for a change. If you really know me, you would also know that I like to stick with what works.

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Nivea Intensive Face Moisturizer Review | Travel Beauty Blog

First Impressions About Nivea Face Moisturizer

  • First thing I noticed was that the consistency of the cream was thick, something the L’oreal Hydra Total lacked.
  • It has a beautiful fragrance similarly to the one that I was using before.
  • Long-lasting hydration so I do not need to reapply during the day.
  • Budget-friendly as it did not cost more than $15.
  • The original bottle is 50 ml and can last about 2-3 months depending on how often you use it.
  • Ideal for dry skin as it says on the container.
  • Contains SPF 15 so that your skin is protected against sun rays.
  • Can be used on its own or under your makeup, before applying a mattifying primer.

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My Recommendation

Most of the impressions listed above are the reasons why I love this Nivea face moisturizer so much. Honestly, there are no cons of using this product and I feel like you get your money’s worth. Perhaps the more moisturizers I use, eventually I will have better comparisons but for now I have no regrets of purchasing. So if by chance you have seen this product and wondered if it were any good, my answer to that is yes. Recommended for dry skin but I have combination and it works fine.


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