8 Silly Mistakes I Made As A New Blogger

My Blogging Journey

Today I thought I’d take a break from the usual type blog posts and share with you 8 silly mistakes I made as a new blogger. As well as to talk a little bit about my blogging journey for my new followers who do not know much about me and would like to know more.

But if you have been following me for some time, you may know that this year makes it three years since I started this blog. Looking back now, if I were to start a blog today I know exactly what I would do differently.

8 Silly Mistakes I Made As A New Blogger | Travel Beauty Blog

Why I Started In The First Place

At the time I just needed a creative outlet; a place where I can share my passion for travel, beauty, and fashion. A way to utilize my free time and develop a new hobby (writing and giving advice).  Which ultimately turned into this blog and although the demands were almost as having another full-time job, it was always something I did part-time.

It was never my intention to become a full-time blogger, neither was monetizing on my agenda. As a matter of fact, I am not even ashamed to admit that I had no idea at the time people made money blogging. However, if you have read my last couple of posts, you would see that things have changed.

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

Most people who blog as a hobby, really has a side job but without pay. Unless of course, you start with the intention of making money because making an income from it is also possible. You have to invest a lot of time to really make it work especially if you plan on doing it full-time.

Blogging has definitely opened me up to a lot of opportunities that I did not foresee happening neither did I planned for them.

However, I am grateful and have no doubts that I made a good decision on that fateful day in November 2016. I made a lot of mistakes along the way but I was able to grow from them as I continue to learn. There is a whole lot more learning to be done with regards to blogging and I still feel as though I have not touched the surface yet.

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8 Silly Mistakes I Made As A New Blogger

Not Starting An Email List

Today I am still facing the consequences of not starting an email list from the inception of my blog. Back then I did not know the importance of having an email list, therefore, I made no effort to implement a strategy to collect emails. Eventually, when I did set up one, it was a generic one you could find almost on any other website.

My email list subscribers are the people I can communicate with any time to let them know about new post updates. Or even sell products and or services to, should I desire to do so but I had no idea that people even did this.

Did Not Learn SEO

SEO which means search engine optimization is something I have not yet fully grasped the concept of. Apparently, it helps with organic traffic (Google) and it involves doing research on keywords. Currently, I am reading a couple of books and doing online research about SEO.

Once I get to understand it better, I will begin to implement the suggested measures and hopefully I would be able to see an improvement in my organic traffic in the near future.

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Doubting Myself As To Who Would Read My Blog As A New Blogger

It happens to the best of us, doubting and wondering who would read our blog. You may be surprised to know that although there are thousands of bloggers there is still room for you. What makes your blog stand out from the rest is your personality and voice behind your posts.

Since no two persons are the same, there will always be people out there waiting to hear what you have to say. Some people say pick a niche of at least 2-3 topics but I write about what I am passionate about and refuse to box myself into any category.

Not Applying For More Brand Opportunities As A New Blogger

Rejection is one of my biggest fear and reaching out to work with brands is something I still struggle with. When it comes to working with brands I always doubt myself that my followers and blog statistics are too small.

So although I have had the opportunity to work some really cool ones, they were all mainly in exchange for a product review or blog post.

For me, I saw this as a way to get my name out there and to have a few experiences which I could use as leverage later on. Even as a new blogger, my advice is to take the chance and start applying for opportunities.

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The Non-Existence Of A Content Calendar

By this I mean I did not create a content calendar as I did not see it as a priority. Since then I have developed a blogging schedule and realize that I could have better managed my time and resources had I done so earlier. Having a blog diary is essential because it helps you to always be ahead with your content and social media planning.

Unaware Of The Earning Potential As A New Blogger

Now I can safely say I have a good idea on how blogs and bloggers earn a full-time income from doing something that they love. My goal was never to make money or monetize my blog but my focus has since shifted. Now I have signed up to various affiliate networks and some influencer marketing agencies.

Making a few dollars here and there feels good and I know if I take it more seriously I will see its full potential. However, this is easier said than done and affiliate marketing is way more than just dropping links here and there in hopes that people would shop.

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Taking Months Off Without Adding New Content As A New Blogger

Towards the latter part of 2017 into 2018, I took some months off and was very inactive on my blog and social media. Until around September 2018 which was when I gradually made my way back onto the blogging scene. It took a lot of work to get to where I am today as I lost followers and readership during that time.

Had I known it would have been so tough to continue I would have tried to post at least once per month. But as I said at the beginning of this post, blogging is a learning curve and I learned from past mistakes.

Tailwind Tribes

I regret not signing up to tailwind tribes sooner even though I knew about this a long time ago. Recently I finally gave in and I’m already seeing the wonderful results. My Pinterest account is not where I want it, as my monthly views dropped significantly after being inactive on it for months. You can sign up for a month free trial of Tailwind by signing up through on my referral link here.

What I Hope To Do Next

Blogging courses are on my list of things to do next although I am very cautious about throwing money at random courses. At the moment I am still trying to figure out if I really need to and which ones might be worth it. Maybe I am sleeping on this too like I did with most of the other blog techniques that I knew early on but did not implement until late.

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However, I don’t want to find out the hard way again by taking too long to invest in the right courses. After all, I don’t think all these people who review these courses are lying. Who knows maybe one day I too will be able to create a course two, to teach people how to start a successful blog.

These are some of the things I wish I knew when I started blogging or acted upon earlier. Thankfully my blog is in a much better place now as I have taken a more serious approach since the start of 2019. The results look promising and I can’t wait to do another update in the future about its growth.

Are you are a new blogger and need advice on anything mentioned above? Feel free to reach out to me in the comment section down below.

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