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8 Good Characteristics Of Successful People

Today I just wanted to share 8 good characteristics of successful people but let me start off with a disclaimer by stating that these characteristics does not define a successful person. Success is such a vague word and everyone has an opinion about what success means to them. Also, I do not think that all successful persons have these exact same qualities.

However, these are simply some of the good characteristics displayed by most people who I consider to be successful. Some of these qualities I am able to identify with because I know for a fact I possess a lot of them. But this post is not about me, its about helping you to develop better habits that will improve your daily life or help you to be successful.

“Little Productive Actions Repeated Consistently Over Time Add Up To The Difference Between Failure And Success” – Jeff Olson

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8 Good Characteristics Of Successful People


Being persistent almost comes off as a natural characteristic because successful people always keep their eyes on the end goal. Regardless of the challenges faced along the way and the many tries it takes until they achieve that goal they never give up.


The reason I listed this one as a factor is because sometimes a lot people have a lot of great ideas but are not confident enough to turn that idea into a reality. You can have a lot of wonderful ideas but if they never materialise into something then that’s all it is. Just an idea! So having confidence in yourself and what you do is very important.


Everyone of us have a streak of impatience in us but it is essential to be patient. Success for example doesn’t occur overnight and it is easier to give up than to keep pushing forward but I promise that if you do the hard work it will pay off.

Reading Books Daily

Notice the key word being daily here and I am guilty of not reading enough books. But although I don’t read books daily, I find myself either listening to a podcast or researching information online which sort of equates to that. Always find a way to learn something new everyday in whichever way is comfortable for you.

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Risk Taker

Successful people take risks than others are fearful of doing and when I speak about risks I mean getting out of your comfort zone. There is a saying that growth takes place at the point of leaving your comfort zone and that is a proven fact. If you don’t take risks, you don’t grow and when you don’t grow that means you are limiting yourself.


Organisation is another way of saying having your priorities in order. Being organised stems from setting goals and knowing what you want to achieve in life. Without knowing what you want out of life then you would result in not having a plan. So plan for your future and get to working on it because it is never too late to start now!


Not a characteristic but a task that you should make time for at least 30 minutes everyday. Making exercise part of your daily routine is a commitment and a way of promoting a healthy lifestyle. Have you ever realised how good you feel after a workout? Not only that but your mind is clear, you feel energized and ready to approach any task.

Balanced Lifestyle

Having a balanced lifestyle is as equally important as working towards achieving your dreams. Put aside time to spend with family, friends and of course yourself. Don’t become so consumed with life and working hard that you miss all the important moments in between.

That concludes my list of 8 good characteristics of successful people. You may also enjoy reading: How To Cope With A Lack Of Support