8 Awesome Blog Management Tips For Guaranteed Success

Blog Management Tips

If you are struggling as a full-time or part-time blogger you may find these blog management tips useful. When I started my blog in 2016 I said to myself “Part-time blogger? Yeah sure! But I didn’t expect it to feel like a part-time job!

When I first started blogging in the latter part of 2016, I told myself I would stick to maybe 2-3 new posts per week. After all, being employed full-time meant that unless I quit my job this is something I will have to do as hobby. “It can’t be that hard”…I told myself.

The New Year rolled in and I felt really confident about the work that I did on my blog thus far. Second week February arrived and my daily visitors started to climb. I began overthinking that I didn’t have enough content to keep them engaged.

So I researched some possible topics to write about when facing a lack of inspiration and found this UK Blogger that provided some useful suggestions. Thanks to her I felt confident moving forward with over 100 topics to choose from.

8 Tips for Managing A Blog While Working Full-Time | Travel Beauty Blog

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Time Management

My weekends entailed writing new material, joining groups, engaging with other Bloggers, promoting on social media, taking photographs, editing and branding. Before I knew it blogging literally took over my social life!

I stopped going out on the weekends because all I did was sit behind the computer for hours and then the entire day would pass at home. Moving forward I scheduled specific days for writing content, working on graphics and posting to social media etc.

But even with all of the resources, there was still one problem. A lack of motivation to write! I found that inspiration would come at random times during the week. Quickly realizing that writing on set days did not work for me, I wrote whenever I got inspiration.

Which is what helped me to save a lot of wasted time. So each week I focused on one or two topics and wrote more once the creative juices flowed.


Eventually I was forced to reanalyze my personal life and shift my priorities. As soon as I did that and started treating blogging like a hobby once again, my attitude changed. Some of you might be going through exactly what I have been through and I want you to know that it is completely normal.

However, being a hobby blogger should not be daunting to the point of taking over your life.

In terms of blog goals, I do have an idea of what I hope to accomplish over the next couple months. One of them being to increase my daily readers by 100%. In order to achieve this goal I plan on promoting a lot. Someone said 80% of your time should be spent on promoting and the other 20% on building and writing content. So here goes my 8 blog management tips:

Top 8 Blog Management Tips While Working Full-time

  1. Post new content once per week. This would allow you to accomplish the task at hand within a specific time-frame. You will also feel less burdened having to focus on only one topic.
  2. Prioritize tasks. This would enable you to maximize time spent on each project.
  3. Write whenever you get inspiration. Take a mini note pad with you on your person. Waiting on set days may lead to poor quality posts or lack of imagination. Chances are by the time you get around to writing that great idea you had may have eluded your mind.
  4. Schedule days for other tasks. For instance, I share a new post every Monday and do all my photography and editing on the weekends. During the week I write and promote.
  5. Interact with Bloggers in your niche. Join Facebook Groups. This is a great way to read other Blogs while promoting your own in the process. Most groups have set days for different activities. So be sure to read the rules and avoid being kicked out by Admin for disobeying them.
  6. Invest/download apps that help with scheduling. Tailwind, Buffer, BoardBooster and ViralTag all provide a similar service. You can made a schedule and publish posts to your social media accounts.
  7. Don’t try to compete with other Bloggers. It is okay to support other Blogs or follow for inspiration or whatever. But don’t be a copycat. Copying everything you see a next Blogger doing will most likely damage your reputation.
  8. Most importantly remember it is just the internet! Be realistic with yourself and don’t lose sight of your focus. Remember why you started in the first place. At the end of the day, unless blogging is your full-time job, this is your hobby! Whether you are doing it to earn a little extra cash, to support a shopping habit or you enjoy fashion and shopping and use it as a means to express yourself, that should be your focus!


Here are some nice groups you can join: Bloggers Lounge FBL Bloggers2BRANDS Blogging Newbs Boost Your Blog Blog Loop Blogging for Profit Online Business BFFS

That concludes my blog management tips. What about you are you a Hobby-Blogger? What tips can you share for maintaining your blog without feeling stressed?






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