6 Reasons Why Not To Be A Blogger

Why Not To Be A Blogger

There are over 6 reasons why not to be a Blogger but I will only cover that much in this post. Blogging is a hobby for a lot of people but there are misconceptions about what a Blogger does. Also, some people blog as a full-time job and it can often be mistaken by others as a get rich easy scheme. However that is not the case, blogging is a lot of hard work especially if you want to earn an income from it. You have to put in the work in order to see the results and then be just as patience before you start enjoying the fruits of your labour.

For some people, this could take weeks and for other months. In rare cases, some people are not able to make it a viable income source and choose to remain a hobby blogger. But do be discouraged by these things, as long as you know your blog’s purpose from inception, it will steer you on the right path to success. So from my experience so far as a Blogger, these are just some of the real truths about blogging.

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6 Reasons Why Not To Be A Blogger

So Why Not To Be A Blogger? The field is very saturated

There are billions of blogs being created every day worldwide and a large number of persons are already blogging about the same topics. Most people say to find a niche and stick to it and most importantly be true to yourself. For example, a good idea may be to blog about the best places to find petite clothing as opposed to fashion on the whole. Being a niche specific also helps people to remember who you are. Additionally, if you are one of the few individuals blogging about a topic then chances of showing up on Google search are higher.

Not magically, but by inserting the right keywords into your posts and ensuring that your blog posts are SEO optimized. My view is that although the blog world is saturated, you can make it work by having your own unique voice and personality. This is what differentiates you from the next person and that is something that cannot easily be copied or imitated. You may be surprised to know that a lot of people are out there ready and waiting to read what you have to say. So, be truthful, authentic and help solve problems that your followers are facing.

Requires a lot of time, will-power, patience and determination

Managing your blog and meeting deadlines require dedication, and in order to combat this, you must have a plan. Set aside time for writing posts, photography sessions, editing graphics, social media scheduling, etc. Without a content calendar, you are going to end up frustrated, lacking motivation or not putting out your best work. After doing all of the hard work, it may take some time before achieving results but be patient.

Another Reason Why Not To Be A Blogger: You Need Money to invest and promote

Writing blog posts and leaving it there is not going to get any traffic to your site. Nobody knows who you are unless you already have a large social media following. In that case, you can get your followers to come to your blog but you also need to attract new readers. Therefore, you need to invest money in promoting your blog to a wider audience.

Sharing to social media platforms is a great way to start free promotion since most of your friends and family members are already following you there. Just know that not everyone is going to take an interest in sharing your posts to their feeds. Apart from promotion, you want your blog to look professional and will need to pay for a self-hosted website, domain name and hosting. Stay away from using free sites such as Blogger.com and WordPress.com especially if you are in it as a career.

A Good Reason Why Not To Be A Blogger: It encourages spending money that you don’t have

Having a blog can encourage you to spend unnecessary money on things that you do not need. Especially if you are constantly looking at what other Bloggers are doing and trying to compete with them. If you always feel like you have to keep up with another Blogger then forget about it because it can take a toll on your mental health.

Instead, blog more about things you already own and use or about lifestyle and travel topics. But if I am being brutally honest here I might as well add that this is easier said than done. Some things you will end up buying just for the sake of blogging. So be sure that you are financially prepared to set aside a monthly blogging budget.

Gifted items are not free

While gifted items are nice, they are not exactly free. I know you are probably saying well that does not make any sense but often times when Bloggers have been gifted a product they have to do something in return for that company. Technically it is a form of non-monetary payment in exchange for work done.

Part of that work sometimes involves a video review, an Instagram or blog post; or all of the above. When now starting out this is a great opportunity to work with brands so that you gain some experience. At some point in your blogging journey, accepting gifted items must come to an end because they cannot pay your bills.

All Bloggers are not equal

Never assume that Bloggers are rich or have perfect lives because the images you see on their pretty feeds most times hardly ever reflect their reality. People are good at painting pictures and creating fake reality. Do not aspire to become a Blogger by looking at what other people post on social media. Let your passion be your guide and it will take you somewhere promising in the future.

This sums up my 6 reasons why not to be a Blogger. Always think carefully about why you want something before venturing into it. By all means, do it if you are passionate about it but for the right reasons.

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