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5 Cheap And Fun Things To Do In The Summer

Summer is finally here! Usually when I am putting my outfits together I like to have a theme and location in mind beforehand. However, when I was putting this outfit together, I had neither a theme nor a location planned for my shoot. It wasn’t until the actual day when my photographer saw me and suggested we shoot by the pool I figured why not. After all, this outfit does have a summery vibe to it so it was my main source of inspiration for this post. Continue reading to find out 5 cheap and fun things you can do in the summer.

Around this time of year, lots of people make plans that involves their loved ones and friends. However, some people are clueless or may not be very good at planning, while others are simply looking for ideas.

Travel to your favourite destination

Who says you need an entire week to travel? In fact, all you need is a weekend getaway to your favourite destination or to a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Travelling is therapeutic and does wonders for the soul. Benefits of travelling:

  • Horizons are broaden being able to connect with different people from different cultures
  • Confidence is boosted especially when travelling solo
  • Beautiful lifetime memories are created
  • Having fun and just enjoying life
  • Being able to better deal with uncertainty
  • Creativity and development from being able to break free from your comfort zone / regular routine

Have a Pool Party

Perhaps you are unable to travel at the moment but you have access to a pool. If that’s the case then throw a pool party and invite the neighbours over. Also invite your friends and use this time to catch up on old times.

Picnic at your neighbourhood Park

It takes very little effort and planning to have a picnic. Especially if you have kids, having a picnic at the park can be fun for them. Make sandwiches and carry over some snacks with you. They can spend time playing on the rides and swings as well as interacting with other children.

Barbecue in your backyard

What a perfect time to have a barbecue in your backyard and invite family and friends over to your house. Another opportunity to spend time with the people that you don’t get to see everyday.

Go Hiking

Usually there are various groups that organize hikes, tours and outdoor activities around the country. Most of them have Facebook pages and  can be easily found on there. Find out where and when their tour dates are and hop on board. Group hiking is a great way to meet new people and possible make friends along the way.

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Outfit details:

Basic Top: Forever21

Pants & Shoes: Local store

Watch: Fossil

Necklace: Local store

Purse: Payless Shoesource