14 Pinterest Mistakes That You Need To Stop

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Pinterest Mistakes

Do you feel like all your Pinterest pinning efforts have been going in vain? But do you know it could be that you are making these silly Pinterest mistakes without realizing it? I know how frustrating it is to look at that monthly views stats and its stagnant, or worse, decreasing on a daily basis. It’s demotivating, to say the least, but it could be that you are not implementing proper Pinterest strategies. But don’t worry, once you make some minor changes you will begin to see improvements.

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14 Pinterest Mistakes You Need To Stop Making By Implementing These Pinterest Strategies On Your Account and Blog | Travel Beauty Blog

14 Pinterest Mistakes That You Need To Stop Making

1. Treating It Like Its A Social Media Platform

The first mistake some people make is treating Pinterest like their Instagram and Facebook accounts. They use it like another other social media platform for sharing photos and finding recipes. While you are able to do those things with Pinterest, it is not a social media platform. Pinterest is actually an image search engine. With that in mind, you need to treat it as such when it comes to creating and sharing pins.

2. Using A Random Profile Picture

A very common Pinterest mistake you are making is that you are using a random picture for your profile.  So instead of having a picture of your cat or a logo, use a headshot photo of yourself. This is important so that when people fall in love with your pins they more than likely would click to view your profile. It would be really nice to show them a nice picture of your face instead of your dog.

3. A Poorly Written Bio Description Or None At All

What if I landed on your beautiful pin and came to check out your profile, only to see no information about you or what you do. Do you think I will be inclined to click through your website or even follow you? Umm, maybe not so let’s fix that problem right away. Write a proper description of your blog and how you help others. End with a call to action such as “click to download my free printable”. Although there is a 160 character limit, remember to include 2-3 relevant keywords in your bio.

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4. Not Using Vertical Pins

I cringe whenever I see those tiny pins that look like you need a microscope to see what it is. Admittedly, sometimes I can’t help myself but repin Instagram pictures. At least that size is not bad but it would not perform as good for promoting your blog posts. Vertical pins convert better and Pinterest recommends a 2:3 ratio (600 x 900 pixels).

5. Lack Of Relevant Keywords On Pins

We already established that Pinterest is an image search engine, therefore, it is important to also include relevant keywords on your graphics. It sounds weird but if you click on any image on Pinterest, there is a small search icon at the bottom right. If you click on it, an image search is done for similar graphics or keywords.

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For instance, take a look at one of my pins before and after the visual search.

Before Visual Search:

14 Pinterest Mistakes You Need To Stop Making By Implementing These Pinterest Strategies On Your Account and Blog #pinterestmistakes #pintereststrategies #pinterestmarketing

After Visual Search:

14 Pinterest Mistakes You Need To Stop Making By Implementing These Pinterest Strategies On Your Account and Blog #pinterestmistakes #pintereststrategies #pinterestmarketing

After the visual search is done you see keywords similar to what is on the pin. Such as blog, affiliate marketing, money, money blogging, marketing, income reports, etc. This is a perfect example as to why you need to be using words that describe your pins and blog posts.

6. Not Utilizing Hashtags

Pinterest rolled out a new feature a while back where you can add hashtags to your pin images. This helps your post show up under that particular hashtag within the first couple minutes of posting. Although it may disappear after a while, using hashtags is a great way to get your post seen immediately after its posted.

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7. Overuse Of Stock Photos

Did you know that lifestyle photos work better for some topics? Yet some people are constantly making the mistake of only using styled stock photos. Don’t get me wrong, I love using stock photography but it just does not apply across the board.

8. Visually Unappealing Graphics

You do not have to be the best graphic designer because I am also not one. But you do need to make the effort of producing pins that will get you those clicks. A lot of times, nobody clicks on your pins simply because they are poorly designed or doesn’t convey what the post is about.

Play around with different designs, fonts and elements, test them out to see which ones perform best. Once you find one or a few that works, replicate them with slight modifications for other posts. The thing is, you want to stick to what works and repeat those steps.


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