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Tips For Living Alone

Living alone in a new country all by yourself can be depressing. Its a huge adjustment especially if you are very far away from family and friends and would not be able to see them very often.
Have you ever studied abroad or migrated to another country for a better life? Perhaps you had to move because of your family or job situation. If you have lived on your own before in a foreign country you can relate to exactly how difficult it can be to adjust within the first year. Especially if it is the first time living alone.

Living Your Dreams

Sometimes living the life you envisioned or dreamed of requires relocating to another country maybe for better opportunities or to another part of the same country that you were born in. Living alone increases responsibilities and can prove to be a challenge for a lot of people. Adjusting to change is not always easy and living abroad doesn’t always end up being a bed of roses.
Most times you have to get used to a different climate, culture, lifestyle, challenges with the environment etc.If you are one of those people having a difficult time settling in to your new place of abode don’t be discouraged. For whatever reason you may have to live abroad, life is too short to not enjoy every moment of it. The following tips can be used as a guide to overcoming some of the challenges mentioned above.
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10 Tips For Living alone in a new country and how to overcome the challenges
10 Tips For Living alone in a new country and how to overcome the challenges:

  1. Join a Church or Community Group and make friends there.
  2. Invest time in a hobby or develop new ones such as photography, blogging, cooking, baking etc.
  3. Take an online course.
  4. Find places you can visit over the weekend and make friends if possible.
  5. Learn a foreign language.
  6. Learn the country that you are in – if you are not sure where a particular establishment is, utilize services like Google Maps, Waze, UBER and LYFT once available. Most of these apps are available to download to your smart phone and comes in very handy. If you are using one of the taxi services and have a question about where you are going, ask the driver. A lot of them are willing and ready to answer and may also provide useful tips.
  7. Every now and again take a trip. Save as much money as you can for travelling. Maybe take a trip back to your home country to visit family and friends or to another country to experience new adventures.
  8. Use this alone time to reflect on your life. Set realistic goals and work towards achieving them.
  9. Make your house your home. Personalize your space so that it increases your level of comfort when you get home. You have to make a life in your new country and enjoy it while you’re there.
  10. Shop smart like the locals do. Purchase from the Markets and Stores that they buy from.Have you lived alone before? Did you have challenges? How did you overcome them? Share your tips down below in the comment section.

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