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    My First Time In Miami | How I Survived

    skyscrapers in miami

    Location: Miami, Florida

    Trip to Miami

    It was around the second week of July 2016 and I couldn’t remember when last I had taken a day off from work. At the time my cousin Joey was on vacation in Disney Orlando, Florida with his family. I longed for a break from work and since we hadn’t seen each other in a long time we decided to meet up in Miami on his return from Orlando.

    As I began searching for flights luck was on my side! Flights were available from as low as $250 from Panama City. Some holidays were coming up towards the end of August so I thought what a perfect time! So I took a chance and bought the ticket even before getting my leave approved. Life is about taking chances and I think some of the best moments happen spontaneously.

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    My Favourite Stores…Where I Shop in Panama

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    Shopping is one of my favourite hobbies. Is that even considered a hobby? lol I am sure you can tell that one of my favourite shops is Forever21.
    Throughout my work life saving money has never been so hard until I landed in Panama City. As I call it: The city of Skyscrapers and Shopping Malls. There are countless Malls and some Outlet Stores here. Usually when people speak about Panama, they associate it with mainly 2 things, the Panama Canal (which makes up part of the country’s multicultural history) and Shopping.

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