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How To Quickly Pass Time In A Boring Job

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How To Quickly Pass Time In A Boring Job

Lets face it, a lot of people seek a job just to make ends meet. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they totally enjoy what they do; it may simply be the fact that a better opportunity hasn’t yet present itself. Well I am not here to pass judgement on anyone but only to provide some suggestions on how to quickly pass time while there. A study conducted said that only 13% of people worldwide actually like going to work. So let that sink in for a moment and ask yourself if you are part of the 13% or the other 87% of unhappy workers.

How To Quickly Pass Time In A Boring Job | People Hate Their Jobs | How Many People Actually Love Their Job | Travel Beauty Blog

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Down Time

Before I start suggesting ways on how to quickly pass time I would like to talk first about down time. Even if you are in the job of your dreams it is likely to have down times every now and then. So this post is also to help those people who love what they do for a living but  may occasionally have spare time. This post is not to trash anyone’s job neither to persuade anyone to leave their current jobs.  You should be aware and understand the norms, culture, rules and regulations at your job. Know exactly what is acceptable and follow the guidelines. Additionally, you don’t have to follow anything I say here and therefore you are at your own risk if you decide to.

Download And Listen To A Podcast

There are hundreds and thousands of podcasts out there on almost every imaginable topic. Such as Educational, Christianity, Music, Blogging, Fashion, Languages, Trending News etc. Listening to a constructive podcast means everyday you have the opportunity to learn something new. Podcasts are not only available on iPhone but you can find them online and on YouTube.

Read A Book

Reading a book is another great way to past time and you can do so effortlessly. eBooks makes life a lot easier and you do not have to worry about the weight of carrying on around. But as I said before only do so if it wouldn’t be a problem, as you do not want to piss off your employer. Alternatively you can read a fashion book or magazine.

Organize Your Office Area

Dedicate some of your free time to tidy up your work-space. A lot of us don’t clean our desks everyday so this is a great time to do so. Don’t wait until you’re about to proceed on vacation leave to shred those unwanted paper.

Read The News

Find your local newspapers online or just look at msn or google to find daily news. While doing so there may be some other news that catches your interest. Some days past without me even reading a headline. But when I do read the news its my way of connecting to what is happening in the world. Optionally, buy a newspaper at the newsstand on your way to work to read during your lunch or free time.

Listen To Your Favourite Music Playlist

If you do not have a favourite playlist on your phone or computer it is a good idea to create one. Music takes the mind off a lot of things especially whatever the situation is at present. Some people have a centralized music system where they work while others rely on their electronic devices. Depending on the radio can be pointless at times so be sure to take your playlist and headphones with you.


Offer assistance to a colleague if he or she may be swamped with work and your schedule is clear. A lot of times people are afraid to ask for help but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need it. When you help others it improves your personal skills and promotes good work relations.

Prepare For The Following Day

Make a list of all the tasks or assignments that needs to be completed on the following day. This list would let you know what you need to accomplish those tasks and get you prepared for a productive day.


What do you do in your free time at work? Do you think that time should be used doing something more important?



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